Don’t bow down

Rogers, James Eldon



Untitled -- The writer, realizes that as a person who has been convicted of a violent crime, has violated basic tenets of society and all moral standards, that in spite of his constant and strong remorse, will never be accepted among other humans, or any society. Despite attempts to serve society. Or adopt a strong personal code of conduct and morals, that a stain will always remain on his person and very soul, to all eternity. This writer, after repeated attempts at writing prose, poems, or light-hearted subjects has come to the realization that his forte will remain in writing socio-politico reform essays and pieces that attempt to begin at the bottom levels of society in America. . .the mass-incarceration and celling of America’s lower- class citizens and the broken justice system, which in itself is at fault for America’s recidivism. That, without someone that is within the system and has experienced first—hand decades of human rights violations. Repeated violations of constitutional rights. Constitutionally inadequate medical care. The deliberate indifference, of state and Arizona Department of Corrections officials and administrators. Officials, who have sworn to uphold the state and federal constitutions. Who have mandated duties to the rights mandated in the constitutions, but totally ignore these duties to further the prison-industrial complex and fill their own pockets and positions of power. Small kingdoms of total tyrannical rule, that deprive the American families of their hard—earned tax dollars to fund educational and social programs. This only serves to generate future generations of social and educationally deprived persons. Citizens, who will become noncitizens. Slaves authorized, under the 13” Amendment to the federal constitution. Faceless and nameless, Department of Corrections’ inmates, somewhere in Arizona or American. Those that live long enough to be incarcerated and don’t die of a drug overdose or a senseless gang shooting. It has been said many times that those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. I feel it is time to take a step forward in the long-faceless line of prison inmates. The hopeless dream must become reality by stepping forward and becoming a voice that can‘t be silenced and to face and accept that in doing so, I will be harassed and retaliated by ADC staff. That, while actually breaking no rule of policy or any civilized law. I will be derived unjustly of rights and privileges that I have earned in ADC for almost- model, prisoner behavior and actions. Like in one of those old black and white movies about Nazi- tyranny, maybe "shot while escaping” will become a statistic. I advocate personally and in writing for prison and justice reform in Arizona’s prison. I am not a perfect human being, nor can I claim to have heard the voice of God commanding me to become a martyr to a cause. I strive to be what I have always had inside of me as a human-being, but could never muster or master at any time in my previous life. I do not choose to be docile, ignorant of conditions, or to take the easy way. I do not choose to be the person who chooses life’s way because of personal greed, gain, or enrichment. I do not choose to be the person who looks the other way, or to say I don’t want trouble, or to become involved. To be a voice. To make change. To make a docile and misinformed population aware with my voice and writing, I have to find a person who is also of the same or near opinion. A person who is willing to volunteer or donate their own time and effort to put what needs to be said on the social or mass media of the intemet. Someone who is willing to take some of their limited time to do basic Google research and provide information or answers to what I am writing about. That someone, for whatever their own personal morals or values and motivations are, would have to transcribe my writings to internet sites, and or, find me actual “street” addresses that I can f1rst—hand write to. Finances, or anything in that matter, should never become a discussion matter. As a great writer had placed on his tombstone, "I have nothing. I owe to many. The rest, I leave to the poor.” I seek no financial help from anyone, nor any position in their life or environment other than moral support and furtherance of the cause. Because, I seek an actual revolution in the events of American prison and justice reforms. Stop the wastes and abuses to public funds and the throw-away lives of America’s prison inmates. Let it be like in many Northern European countries and their prison systems. Most prisoners will get out of prison. Some might become your neighbor or even a member of your family. What do you want? An ignorant and unemployed ex-con, or someone who l1as learned an employable trade in prison and has the paper trail and label ‘ex—con’ removed and shredded when they leave prison. Prison is the punishment. The separation from family and society. A prisoner has served his punishment when he leaves prison. If he has been successful, learned a trade. Had his education improved. ' Let him leave all discrimination and profiling behind. Be a responsible and law-abiding member of Arizona and American society. Citizens should know that because of Arizona’s and ADC’s decades of constitutionally inadequate medical care and the class action Parsons in Arizona’s District Court, they are paying already millions of tax payer dollar in legal fees and fines. The same defendants are paying millions of dollars in settlements in prisoner medical injury and neglect lawsuits. When Parsons comes to an end, this is an end that is already decided and factored into law that has been affirmed and upheld in the U.S. Supreme Court. One has only to look to California in the case of Plara v. Brown and Plara v. Sclzwarzenegger. Decades long class actions over medical care of prisoners in California. Arizona, just like that state, will soon be mandated by the federal courts to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to rebuild the Arizona prisons’ healthcare from the ground up. This time, the checkbook will be in the hands of a federal judge, not the tax payers of Arizona. I can go on and on, ad infinitum. This is a start. Often repeated. If thereis a fellow human out there, who is not afraid to put some trust and personal time into making changes that will bring permanent and positive changes to Arizona, and maybe America. Someone, 18 to 128 years of age. Any race, gender, orientation, ethnicity, or political opinion. Student, professor, waiter, or waitress‘. Mountain or desert hermit. Gray panther or? Please introduce yourself. You only have to admit to being an inmate of earth. A human being. If you can’t or don‘t want to, maybe you know of someone else. Maybe you can make copies of this and put it on a bulletin board, or transcribe it to the social media or internet. Write to: James Rogers #157544 ' Tucson/Santa Rita 4-C- l 2 P.O. Box 24401 Tucson, Arizona 85734-4401 FDR: “You only have to fear; fear itself.” Let's not fear each other. Stop prejudice in any form. A second chance for all human-beings. James Rogers #157544 Santa Rita Unit

Author: Rogers, James Eldon

Author Location: Arizona

Date: June 15, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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