Door gangsters

The American Pharaoh



08/24/19 Door Gangsters By: The American Pharaoh I woke up this morning feeling quite joyful. Glad to be alive. The temperature and conditions would leave you to expect a wonderful autumn day if you'd forgotten it's still summer. I heard my normally cheerful neighbor respond to an orderly (person who has some form of job/duty) in his 'I'm not in the mood' voice. Keep in mind I'm in the hole, the long term side. Close to a minute later, I was attempting to diffuse a confrontation between him and the officer. After that potential catastrophe, one of the young homies got on the flap (slot for passing things into the cell. The phrase 'on the flap' means you're talking/communicating through the slot') and asked who was raising hell. The entire time he thought it was me and only asked to initiate some reckless banter between the two of us. He discovered, to his dismay, it wasn't me and sought out other guys he associates with to get his fix. To my surprise, a guy I've never spoken to heard me call out to a close friend, [redacted], and asked me a question that if I answered incorrectly would have ignited a verbal warfare of volcanic proportions. My friend and this Muslim have been arguing vehemently and consistently for over half a year now. One has a life sentence and a long history of violence and the other goes home in a couple months and has a questionable reputation when it comes to standing up for himself. In short, the dorm woke up 'on the bullshit'. That energy spreads like wildfire for several reasons, but mainly because guys in Georgia like to argue. Not the manly type stuff such as Lebron being better than MJ, Trump being the best president we've ever had or how Kelly Rowland looks better than Beyoncé. No these guys love name calling, making idle threats, and attempting to sound more of a killer by any verbal antics they can come up with. For the most part, it's completely forgotten and forgiven after the argument ends. The minority of men who'll mutilate you for such antics find a way to steer clear of these interactions. Few guys carry through with anything they promised to do under these conditions. In fact, many become close once they're placed in general population. The arguments are their form of relieving stress. This is how they vent their frustrations. I strongly believe this is a trait learned by being raised by a single mother. Specifically black single mothers. To make what I'm suggesting more clear. You could easily tell these door gangsters to 'Stop all their bitching' and they would never deny their bitching but would instead justify it. Sad, but it's true. Just another part of bad upbringing in harsh circumstances that lead to bizarre living conditions in prison.

Author: The American Pharaoh

Author Location: Georgia

Date: August 24, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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