Double standard

McLeod, Newton



Double Standard He is black: not smart, gifted, blessed, fearful, emotional, lazy, etc. He is white: smart, hard working, brave, Kingmaker, etc. His life has little or no value. His schoolings were based on teachers that had two or three jobs and teaching to make ends meet. Mentally, his future is scripted, aka, Book of Life is written. Academically, he is fucked. His education is equivalent to a fifth grader. "Our scientists were right," said the Kingmaker. "Control the flow of information and he shall not rise." "He has no rights, but the drugs and guns that his culture tends to embraced. Therefore, he became a criminal, and prison is his destiny. The Book of Life." A scientist said. While he is in prison, the table has turned. During the Kingmaker's speech, couple of scientists descended with the theory based on the "level playing field." According to those scientists, if he was given the same opportunities as your other students, his future would have been different. In prison, the light only got brighter. He started with books about "school reform." Where he fell from grace. He went back to books from his earlier school years. But he has one big problem, time. He must learn all the things in his school year and the law that apply to his case within one year. "He will never get it done because he is against time," said the Kingmaker. "We got him for good. Our theory will stands." "If his desires are strong, he can do it within less time." A descended scientist said "He has mastered those things within six months," said the latter. "He has proven your theory wrong Kingmaker." We know there were flaws in our theory, but Kingmaker's pride refused for him to accepted such a crushing defeat. Other descended scientist thought. The Kingmaker contacted the King to have the descendants killed because they are insane. The King agrees to kill them all. Morning Star, one of the descendants, was asked by his wife to attend his son's PTA meeting. All the other scientists showed up to work as scheduled. The descendants were killed. Word got out, and Morning Star left town with his family. The Kingmaker and the other remaining scientists created institutions were their theory will be taught to generations. The Court, Media outlets, the banking system, international world orders, etc. were created by them. He is still in prison. Mastered the judiciary and getting relief from the Courts, both state and federal. He is the talk of compound. He found loop holes in his case, filed timely motions, petitions, arguing grounds where others had argued. The courts rubber stamped all his pleadings. "The descendants are out the way, now I must make him belief that his arguments are meritless, questioning his schooling and make him feel he is not part of this life." Said the Kingmaker. "Something just not right. I have checked the jury instruction and the warrantless entry into my apartment arguments over a hundred times. Is it possible the Clerk denying my motions without the judges reading them? Why the orders were not concurred by at least two judges as required by the Florida Constitution." He said countless times. He wrote new papers, lawyers, activists, explaining his injustice. No one able or out right refused to help. What the purpose of the Black Lives Matter, only for Blacks dead because they only protest when a black person gets kills. NAACP, publicity, I don't have, yet. They are also not interested!

Author: McLeod, Newton

Author Location: Florida

Date: February 19, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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