Dream on

Hughes, Chris



Dream On Are all prisoners "bad guys?" I admit that a lot are. The TV portrays nothing but rapists and mass murderers. Well they are the minority. The majority are in for drugs. I'm in for self-defense. I've watched these guards and they are criminals. Glorified thugs. The majority look for any chance they can to create problems so that they can jump on prisoners. They'll cuff you and clamp the cuffs until they bite into your flesh, cut off your circulation, and cut you. They've done this to me multiple times. They've twisted my fingers to the point I have no choice but to "resist" getting my finger(s) broken. Then they can start beating me while they scream "Stop resisting!" to make it look legit. Who can really tell they were twisting my fingers? On camera it looks like they were simply "escorting" me. I will not lie, it makes you want to spit in their face. Then they can beat you down good and give you a felony street charge. Then they call me the troublemaker. I don't bother these people. I never get in any trouble unless they bring it to me. If I am in the wrong I accept responsibility and accept my punishment. You know, "legally" these guards are allowed to smack us around all they want -- as long as they don't seriously injure us. We can't win a lawsuit unless we have broken bones. And that's justice? Maybe it is -- for child molesters. But if you allow one group of people to break the law, but not the other then there is no rule of law, no justice. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. With that train of thought comes dictatorship. Why the law for me, but not for thee? Who'll guard the guards? These guards kill prisoners. They murder them and then cover it up. If anyone digs into past prisoner deaths and investigates the causes they'll find a large amount of them suspicious if not cases of outright manslaughter or murder. We are subhuman to most of them. They allow us to kill each other. Here at Alexander Correctional Institution a prisoner was killed. They locked the prison down for two days. A little later on a guard got stabbed and another two guards got beat really bad. They locked us down for 30 days and when they finally let us out we are still on restricted movement 2 weeks later. Two hours out every other day. All because one prisoner did something. And the guard told him, "Shut the fuck up and do something." Well, he got what he asked for -- a broken jaw. I guess he was the one who shut up. Wired up. Also, this is a mental health camp. Who's fault is it when a guard provokes a bi-polar prisoner? Their mindset is incomprehensible to me. I wonder if they're from another planet. I wish they'd get in their spaceships and go home so we could have some semblance of common sense on this planet. They're also cowards for the most part. Halfway crooks. When they're in a prison setting with their fellow gang members they get that mob mentality. Their courage is boosted because they know they have backup and will most likely be beating up handcuffed prisoners. But obviously the only people they beat up on the streets is their wives and children. Which they probably do. Most of them are sick, sadistic people. Most police are -- I should know, I've met a lot of them and experienced it first hand. I've been beaten down for no reason. Once I was just laying on my bed reading. They came and grabbed me and started beating me. There's nothing we can do about it. As I've said, unless they break bones there is no justice for us -- and even if they do break bones then the state will say that we were out of control and that they only acted to restore order. And they have the Attorney General. I have only myself. The AG has legal aides to do all their paperwork on typewriters -- I have carbon paper and a pen. What's "fair" about that? Isn't court supposed to be fair for all Americans? Well that's a fairy tale. I mean, I can understand holding a killer or the like in jail until trial. But they hold people for petty shit. Possession of marijuana for example. If you can't afford their ransom, known as bond/bail, then you're stuck in jail and guilty until proven innocent. And even so -- who did you harm by possessing marijuana? "Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits of the law' because law is often but the tyrant's will..." --Thomas Jefferson. So who's "equal rights" did s/he violate? "Public intoxication"? Collecting aluminum cans from a garbage can, which is called "theft" now? So the state needs aluminum cans more than a penniless homeless man? A American homeless man who is suffering in the richest country on Earth! It's outrageous. But they have that alien logic here. They have their commercial courts that are all about the money. And they make billions. Stop and think about it. How many counties are there in the USA? And how many fines, court costs and bid bonds do they make every working day of every year? Most people have no clue about bid bonds, CUSIP number or CIN numbers. And I won't go into detail. But if anyone reading this cares to learn then read Jean Keating -- Cracking the Code. Get on the internet and look up Strawman.com or TheAmerican'sBulletin.com. Learn what the difference between a debtor and secured party is. Learn what your Birth Certificate and Social Security Card truly are. It's an eye opener that will prove to you how corrupt and evil our government has become. Study the Founding Fathers. Study the things Thomas Jefferson said and compare them to what our government today has become -- the antithesis of what was intended. "When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty." --Thomas Jefferson. And Albert Einstein said, "Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth." And Americans are like sheep to the slaughter. We ask no questions. We believe our government is made up of angels with only our best interests at heart. Dream on.

Author: Hughes, Chris

Author Location: North Carolina

Date: February 5, 2021

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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