Dreams of being free

Atkins, Richard, Jr.



"Dreams of Being Free" by Richard Atkins Jr. July 9, 2019 We lose our souls to greed, pride, hate, envy and sorrow. But you can't judge me on my mistakes. I was taught, do whatever it is that you have to do to survive. Many of us in this world is lost or confused because we allow ourselves to be. We all go through trials and tribulations that shapes our character but we must have faith and trust in God in order to survive and get through. In my prison cell, I hear screams and the cries of men who are in pain. Sometimes I put down my pen and just open my ears to the insanity surrounding me. What's the meaning of all this? I think to myself how coldhearted and cruel humans can be... We get harassed because of who we are and what we stand for. We supply hate to each other based on our differences/or culture. How idiotic is that? I'm a man, a man who's been destined for greatness since I came out my mother's belly, so I think about my freedom, freedom of mind and the freedom of others every day. I've had many dreams since a kid but my strong beautiful mother once told me that, "I know I can't make you into something you're not but I know that you're still just as special as i want you to be." Those words changed something in my brain my heart and brought me out of the darkness for awhile. Of course, I lost my soul to the darkness down the road... again. We are still blinded by what they taught us to hate. What they taught us to not love. But I would like to bring you hope and relieve your stress by telling you to love more than less and walk next to the man upstairs. We face hard times and a struggle every morning our eyes open but thats how God designed all of this to build character and make us humans strong. To make us strong as warriors on earth. We can't put distance between us as humans and expect to become a nation of power. United we stand. Divided we will not survive other powers. In order for us to be free we can't buy into the powers that be propaganda! They want our minds and bodies incarcerated and segregated because they know if we unite and use our constitutional rights, our voices, they will fail and will no longer be in control. I see the struggle in my people, so I write to relieve the stress as much as possible and educate your brain on freedom. If you're mentally free there's no obstacle you can't conquer. But we have to put in the work and over time we become mentally strong and being mentally strong makes us free. I'm proud to be who I am as so should every one of you who are stressing and struggling to get through your daily lives just the same as I am. Without freedom we're like a body without a soul, a heart and that's a waste of our flesh. I want to share how my life has been made so much better, how while still in prison, I feel so free. How even though I'm surrounded by walls and barb wire fences my soul, heart, love and spirits are pure as heaven... This can happen to you, just don't ever give up. Keep the faith, keep on dreaming 'cause you are special and so is your love and you deserve to be loved. I found my calling, and it was writing novels and books which led to LUCINDA, Book One of The Goddesses Series, @ Amazon.com. #metoo so I wrote The Goddesses Series to empower all women! That's what freed me, my mind and my perspective on the world. That's how my dreams of being free came to fruition. Thank God. Peace to all of you reading this article. And remember, we are destined to be loved and free...

Author: Atkins, Richard, Jr.

Author Location: California

Date: July 9, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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