Education is our most vital means of survival for our youth

Junior, Franklin



Education is our most vital means of survival for our youth! By: Franklin Junior To be aware is to be alive! A simple phrase; yet an dynamic clause that make or break your life. Without seeking knowledge of your life, others life, your surroundings and all existence period you will fail. Education is the only answer to failure. It turns failure into only a mistake. You are mistaken if you think you want make mistakes in life. No matter how educated you are.... I write this in hope to reach someone heart, because this comes from my heart to your heart. Make no mistake about it this writing is not for the faint hearted. This is raw truth for the truth seekers and positive different makers. I express the love I feel, the pain I feel, the atrocities I see and face every day. The struggles of my comrades and those who feel I'm not for them. I do this for them also. The President of the United States makes a State of the Union address. So I ask what about the state of the people? Those who are ignored of the systemic challenges of equal education and employment and to become an employer. Those treated like cattle or counted many times a day in prison like property not humans! The state of the homeless, why so many homeless, unemployed, those that receive government assistance. Why, do those in this position in life has to be known as a number or statistic? What only for political reasons. Damn, sure not for social justice to correct this. Words that are void of action will not work. We will and must act. Resist to lay down and accept what we see and face with on an constant bases. We are dying off because of pure ignorance. We are failing to unify and teach each other the ways of resistance. To know when we are being deceived used as pawns, human chess pieces. It's sad to say here in the ADC the camaraderie amongst the inmates is thin. In here you would expect us to unite. Only 10 out of 100 will stand together for righteous cause of just being treated like humans instead of cattle. Out of the 10, 5 will be willing to make the all the way needs and sacrifices for change. These are facts I have been apart of or lead myself or witness first hand. My blood I have shed just to get clean water to drink to sustain life. So I tell everyone to think, think, then think some more before you think to make any decision that could lead to these concentration camps they call prisons. It's sad to say you have some people who say been there done that coming back to prison is nothing. Yeah, until you come here with no one in your corner to support you, to care for you. Keep your mind active in society. Even if you have all this you can still lose your life at any moment. No one is above it. I know first hand! Why? Because I would physically be preparing myself for my return to the so-called-free society soon but I took the life of another inmate. Who was close to going home himself when this happen. See pride, ego, trying to be unaffiliated with gangs, groups, families, etc. If it doesn't make you a better father, son, protector, provider, teacher, husband, friend, mentor then you need to step back before you become collateral damage. The only real people that's going to miss you more than a week is your family and the righteous individuals. Those who are going to be here for me after all this is my family. My so-called homies no where to be found. I have a few. That's very rare. But those dudes are positive difference makers. Be careful of the life you choose, the friends you choose or you go be another story for the evening news! These the things we have to get rid of -- That sick thinking. But it's a cure. It's called a "decision". Yeah, I made a decision to no longer be this person. Why walk around sick killing myself slowly and infecting other people life. When something happen to them I may have well done it myself for I exposed them to the sickness called "self-destruction." Concerning my family. I say I love my kids, yet, I ran the streets loyal to them. I say being a dead beat daddy is my greatest fear yet here I sit in a cell in a maximum security prison because they so-called free I bring or lack of authority. I have self-authority and self-respect. Since I can't be there for my own kids. I influence the others to take heed to my life and words to avoid my same mistakes. It was written in the Arkansas Gazette, "out of 1500 students that are being affected by the closing of schools in their state due to budget cuts, 976 of those students are, black, Latino, or non-white. This is almost 80% of the students. These are the laws applied during the Jim Crow laws in the 60's in the South. The case of equality is being preached by the same people who passed these laws. This is an injustice no doubt. A real sobering moment for me. All the things I've done in my life that was stupid and wrong, not taking advantage of the opportunities I've had in life, this is making me bend my neck in submission to force a calling greater than myself or any individual. I will do what I can to contribute large or small to this systemic hurdle even if the majority of the world understand or want to accept this. This is my duty as a human being. This is an act against humanity not just those students or their families. I've been given many names (alias) "Murder", Markman", "Pimp" just to name a few in the phase of my life when it reflected the opposite of what my family taught me growing up and as an young adult. I wasn't a product of my environment, my environment was a product of me. Now I scream at the top of my lungs. "You pay executives politicians, millions of dollars, yet you tell me you don't have enough money on budget to keep school doors open. But you can pay them millions and have prison yards open?!!! Who you think go occupy those prisons? The same students force to leave when you close down their school. This is a cold-hearted game. A systematical warfare move against the un-educated and less fortunate. I refuse to lose. Definitely will not let our youth lose to this plot! I will scream until my voice leave. I will spell it out with my blood if need be! Justice will be establish on Earth. We are at war with the future of our youth. The first blow which is the most vital is against educating, then drugs. What's next we kill each other daily because we don't understand we killing the person who could save of lifes, our children or the world for that matter. We mad at each because I [illegible] this head or projects when we are being shot down daily used as human chess for everyone agenda put on [illegible]. What sense that make. We say we gangsta, killers, pimps, dope pushers. Yet we get treated like we not. We being killed, pimped and pushed around and do nothing but help kill each other hold each other back. It want be no next if we don't wise up open our eyes stop being selfish and pave the way for your future family, your neighbors and all humanity future. For this I will sacrifice my life!!! So I ask who smarter: He who puts kids in classrooms or in cages!!!! Franklin Junior [illegible] Free Thinker live from d cell

Author: Junior, Franklin

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: October 23, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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