McCall, Mikell



Education American prisons do not offer enough education for the inmates being housed in the Penitentiary. The only way for an inmate to receive an associate or any kind of college education Is through mail correspondence. A GED certificate is the only certificate we are allowed to receive in Ohio. Its guys like me who want to further their education but can't afford correspondence, so the only option we have is self education through library books. A really good question is how does the government expect to stop the increase of repeated offenders if they are not educating ignorant criminals. Nation wide there are hundreds of colleges offering college to inmates through correspondence. The only problem is that most guys who want to enroll can not afford the tuition. These guys give up their hopes and dreams because no college is going to offer free tuition to incarcerated inmates. The only legit certificate we are allowed to receive in Ohio is a GED. To qualify for this process the inmate must be 25 years or younger to automatically be put on the waiting list .lfthe inmate is over 25 years old and is serving over 5 years it can take up to 5 years for that inmate to be added to the waiting list. The younger guys who don't care rather they get their GED or not; only take advantage of the class for a social gathering, while sincere rehabilitated inmates never get the opportunity. The institutional library offer many great books for those who have little experience .For those who have no experience the books could be difficult. Even if an inmate is dedicated to teaching him/her self through the library books; that person is still without a degree. It is almost impossible to stop the increase of repeated offenders when the government is not offering education to non educated criminals. Uneducated criminals have no choice but to go back to drug dealing, robbery and burglary as a means of survival, because they are turned down by many employers. These employers want you to either have a GED, high school diploma or at lease 2 years of college before they hire you. If an uneducated ex—convict does score a job most likely he/she is earning minimum wage and is working unbearable hours just to earn a $400 a week pay check. Uneducated criminals will continue to break the law. No one will hire them, so they break the law to survive .What is the point of sending a man or woman to prison to be rehabilitated if that person is not receiving the tools they need to enter society and live a productive life!

Author: McCall, Mikell

Author Location: Ohio

Date: July 18, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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