Egyptian days for one gallimaufry enterprise

Magnific, Roc



Egyptian Days for One Gallimaufry Enterprise If you operate an enterprise built upon desiring and getting the gold of Tolash (e.g., ill-gotten wealth will do no one good) that's not worth a tinker's damn, you will be a business many consider "ne touchez pas, nole me tangere" (e.g., one not to be touched). This is what's facing the Kakistrecratic Arkansas Department of Correction as it finds itself stricken with one gey case of "blue flu" and increasing inmate unrest at its three largest units. One of the major factors is rampant correctional fatigue. The "free-world inmates" (e.g., ADC employees who, like its forlorn hopes, are constantly exposed to the same machinations the ADC utilizes towards its residents) are fed up with low pay, unprofessionalism, bullying by co-workers, rampant sexual harassment, illegal black market dealings (such as ex-officers bringing in cell phones, drugs such as powerful designer types like (K-2)) in which many officers make thousands of extra dollars. And at the same time, draconian and at times idiosyncratic methods utilized by correctional officers have sparked fastidious unrest at the ADC's three largest units (East Arkansas Unit, Brickeys, AR; Cummins Unit, Varner Units, both of Grady, AR. Unrest has also erupted at the Maximum Security, Tucker, AR, in which one inmate was killed). Of which caused Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson and members of the State Legislature (Ay caramba! a.k.a. the State Circus) to call out ADC Czarina Wendy Kelley, to find out what the devil was going on. Kelley spoke one justified axiom: "We are severely understaffed." (Quote/unquote). Arkansas inmates outnumber free-world (inmates) guards 17 to one, and its prison population's expected to hit 20,000 by 2020 or earlier. Gov. Hutchinson has flatly refused building more prisons, citing a waste of money to taxpayers (true). But rather, Gov. Hutchinson stressed, the chief problem was obnoxious "get-tough" sentencing laws that have contributed to prison overcrowding and the annual gey high recidivism rate. Juvenal said it best, "Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" Roc Magnific

Author: Magnific, Roc

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: November 14, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 5 pages

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