Empty room Buddhist group

Bell, Shane



Empty Room Buddhist Group The Jameson Buddhist Group has been using the old chapel room for years on Tuesdays when we have are service. We have our religious locker there in that room with all of our religious materials, such as books, candles, videos, blankets to meditate on, etc. Since the religious groups have been allowed to have services again, the Jameson Buddhist Group has been moved to a smaller room away from our Buddhist locker that creates an undo burden on our Buddhist practice. The room that we have used for years remains empty on tuesday nights. I have asked numerous prison staff, associate warden, deputy warden and the Cultural Activities Coordinator about why the Buddhist Group services were moved to a smaller room away from our locker when the room was not being used by any other group and remained empty. The official response is that prison religious services are put in rooms based on facility needs. My question, Why does the facility want the room to be empty instead of allowing the Buddhist Group 1 normal use of it? Why have the Buddhist Group take the extra time to get all the materials for the Buddhist Group from locker to another smaller location when the service could be done in the empty room? I have been facilitating the Jameson Buddhist Group for about 5 years now and have done 1983 lawsuit to allow in the prison Buddhist publications, free book programs, etc that were not allowed in. This has upset the prison administration and staff. I reached a settlement agreement on the civil rights lawsuit: Bell v. Young et al., Civ. 16-4046. In the settlement agreement I am not to be retaliated against by DOC or suffer any "illegal adverse effects" from it. But I indeed do and the defendants and their prison employees don't even deny it in Court. See the opinion and decision of judge Veronica L. Duffy on October, 31st, 2019 in case Bell v. Young et al. civ. 16-4046. The prison administration know they can punish me by punishing the Buddhist Group which I facilitated the past 5 years or so. I am an intrepid person, I have to be to fight for my rights as well as others, no matter what retaliation or draconian actions I have to endure. 2.

Author: Bell, Shane

Author Location: South Dakota

Date: October 20, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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