End mass incarceration

Nobblen, William



RESIDENCE LITIGATION TEAM FOR WRONGFUL CONVICTIONS JUSTICE DENIED LIBERTY INTEREST MASS CENSUS CIVIL & SOCIAL JUSTICE END MASS INCARCERATION INJUSTICE LEAGUE; SENIOR LITIGATOR WM. J. NOBBLEN., Prosecutors do not need immunity to do their job properly. Unearthing these cases that's beenburied by corruption would end mass incarceration through deterence, and exposure. Inmatesaddress these issues because there is an issue but their voices are going unheard. These innocent projects, and other organizations are only going for cases that can easily be overturned, DNA, etc. for their own recognition. The overwhelming number of applications, and exonerations through these yes helpful innocence projects, in the last 20 years are disturbing, and troubling. The penal systemhas failed in every way to rehilbilatate it's inmates and recidivism has become our fate. Politics has no place in our judicial system, where people s career has been built on putting innocent people in prison. Inmates being used for political gain, and positions of power. People being forced to take deals from charges being stacked against them not to spend life in prison, 20% of a prison population who can't read or write. Therefore could not had competent procedure measures. Prosecutors seeking convictions instead of justice at the expence of minorities with no relief of liability or accountability held against them. Common law states in Imbler v. Pachtman, 424 U.S. 409.427 (1976)(ultimate fairness of system could be weakened by subjecting prosecutors to § 1983liability). If prosecutors are doing their job, judicial functions “functional approach" is to seek justice,not to knowingly violate the rights of the people, simply so they don't have to hold other officalsresponsible. When they can present perjuried testimony with no consequence, in fact they are destorying the integrity of our judicial system. Prosecutors are agents of justice, they are obligated & responsible to seek out the truth not just convictions. In unison across the country every county in the DA's office should stipulate to aconviction integrity unit. When you end immunity for prosecutors you end mass incarceration. CC:END MASS INCARCERATION This is an "abuse of process"

Author: Nobblen, William

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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