End of harm theater

Stromberg, Larry N.



"End of Harm Theater" 1 The "Lets Circle Up!" Steer committee members at SCI Phoenix in Pennsylvania agreed for me to stage my original short play entitled "Fight Another Day!" at the "2019 End of Harm Conferance" at the institution. I felt truly honored and grateful that the whole Steer committee members (those incarcerated) and the (outside volunteer Steer committee members) trusted and bestowed this wonderful opportunity upon me to represent "Let's Circle Up!" in a grand light to start off the theme for this year's conferance. After a few changes in my play that other Steer committee members suggested before the performance, that I changed to make the play better. I rehearsed and rehearsed and I was ready to go! Like a child on Christmas Day! My excitement was enormous and I was very nervous., but, nobody knew. The butterflies were flying within me. Then: that day came quickly. The guests all arrived in the morning at the East Chapel at SCI Phoenix. Everybody had smiles on their faces. All the outside guests, volunteers, Steer committee members and all the Restorative Justice members. All with smiles of excitement on their faces for this powerful event. That Peace Circle was a beautiful sight to see. A sight of unity with purpose. A circle of massive love with caring people that believed in the Restorative Justice cause. I was ready to act! It was time to stage "Fight Another Day!" My play is about a desperate incarcerated man who lost his child (a daughter) to a crime and now is on the verge of committing suicide. While performing, I was in a different world (The Zone) where nothing matters, but the moment. An individual searching for redemption while engulfed with sorrow, regret, remorse, and agony. 2 I moved around the circle as tears flowed from my eyes. Then: I fell to my knees and said my last words from the play, "Help me. Help me to fight another day! Just one more day. Only you can help me. Only you. You alone." The play ended as I exited the massive glorious circle back to my seat and the applause roared. My heart filled with extreme gratitude for my "Let's Circle Up!" family for the opportunity they blessed me with. My wonderful brothers and sisters. The theme for the rest of the day went into motion and the "2019 End of Harm Conferance" was a magnificent success. A day I will never forget as long as I live. That massive glorious Peace Circle is embedded in my mind and heart forever and nobody can ever take that away from me. Not even the horrors of regret and my remorse that breaks my heart in two. Written by: Larry N.Stromberg 2020

Author: Stromberg, Larry N.

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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