Enjoy your spoiled salad

Bell, Shane



Enjoy Your Spoiled Salad I have been working in the kitchen here at the South Dakota State Penitentiary, Jameson Annex for about 5 months. One of the things I see on a regular basis is salad that is past its use by date on the bag still being served to prisoners. On friday September 29th I took out some cases of salad from the refridgerated cooler. I made sure all of the bags were good and that they were not past the best by date printed on the package. Two cases were past their best used by date and I put them in the garbage area to be thrown out. I opened the good salad and put it into the serving container on the serving line. About 15 minutes later I noticed somebody took out the expired salad bag cases from the garbage area and put them by the serving line. I was told to use them even though they were expired. I refused to use them, and a CBM worker opened the bag of salad and mixed the bad and expired salad with the good salad, contaminating the whole thing. The food service here called CBM constantly does things like this, serving expired food to save money. I heard complaints from prisoners about slimy salad. 1 The week previously I threw out about 10-12 cases of salad that were past their used by date of up to 3 WEEKS. The CBM worker named Pat wanted me to pick threw it and pick out the good salad, I refused. What CBM supervisor Pat did do was have me and about 3 others open all the bags and take out the small packages of sliced carrots. Pat had them used in the coleslaw that day because he said to me "carrots never expire". It is things like this, knowing using expired and rotten food that makes people sick and it is unhealthy. This is a constant practice with the company CBM here. I think there should be an investigation into CBM's shady and illegal food services practices. I don't think they should serve rotten food, when they are paid by tax-payer money to serve descent and nutritional food to prisoners. CBM contract should be pulled. Prisoners caught a mouse in the kitchen a few days ago and maggots were found on serving line a few months ago. Prisoners are serving time to repay debt to society, but we are still human beings, still Americans. It is time that the company CBM be investigated for their shady practices. Don't you think it should? It's paid for by your tax money, stop the fraud. 2

Author: Bell, Shane

Author Location: South Dakota

Date: October 19, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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