Enough already

Kemet, Adaié Narmer



Adaie Narmer Kemet 11-5-15 Ohio Enough Already The suffering has become bearable and is counterbalanced with pacifiers here in Ohio. Furthermore, there is no sense of struggle and no clear perception of who the opposition is or what tactics are being employed against us in order to subdue those who "act out" and to keep subdued the ones who're already under thumb and under rule. We have no sense of the habits of so-called "authority" and therefore have little to no idea how to combat it even at it's most minute and feeble levels. All we seem to have is misdirected fury, anger, disdain, and hatred... even these are expressed in such a way as to produce nothing of value and only plunge us deeper into this weird and pervasive suffering. That we are engaged in war and have become prisoners of such has largely been forgotten. Do we not occupy the very same structures that individuals like George Jackson fought (and even lost) some of their most trying and profound battles in? Do we not occupy the same prisons today that saw the merciless shedding of blood of revolutionaries who had risked it all because they had had enough? Don't we remember Attica? "Authority" tends to ask questions and expect answers. Truthful answers! Revolutionaries don't answer questions... this resolve is purely and simply that... resolve! They owe no explanations to their oppressors. Besides, the oppressor knows full well the reasons the people have engaged in the resistance. So why should I, a modern day P.O.W., respond to questions asked of me by oppressors? Isn't my lack of response but another form of resistance? Doesn't my refusal to speak mark me as one of the rebels? As I see things, it does. Subsequently, I answer no questions of theirs. I attend none of their kangaroo courts on bullcrap "disciplinary hearings"... because I can't acknowledge an authority that doesn't exist. "Authority" tends to provide pacifiers that they only intend to revoke, only so they might create yet another layer to their "authority" and power. The powers that be giveth, the powers that be taketh away. These are known as soft controls or passive force. If you don't act as we want you to act we will strip your television privileges away. Still won't act according to rule? No telephone. Still not complying? Take away your "property" and put you in a room by yourself. Sooner or later you will comply... or you'll go insane in these "soul-breakers". The story is old. The book is old! So too are the tactics. It's time to revolutionize resistance, to fight using new tactics and making new demands. Much as Shaka Zulu revolutionized tribal warfare in Africa during his hey-day, I intend to revolutionize prison resistance. I intend to question and challenge the so-called abolitionists. I intend to quit romanticizing and intellectualizing the issues and I intend to fight! "Ya Basta!!!" cried the Zapatistas, "Enough already!" "Ya Basta." I utter here alone in this cell. Adaie Narmer Kemet

Author: Kemet, Adaié Narmer

Author Location: Ohio

Date: October 19, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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