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Parr, Christopher, Jr.



Youtube Music: Yo Gotti "Everywhere I Go" Feb 11, 2019 Essay on: Health Hello world... What's new in todays light... This is my second essay submitted to APWA, where I'm rather still new to this option of creative writing but I'm incarcerated in Ohio and a open minded inspiring author, artist, entrepreneur, and automotive connoisseur. The option of this writing is a accelerating element to my prison bid amongst others. Therefore, I don't mine writing these essays I'm just in high hope that it can surface some illumination and clairvoyance so without further adue here's my essay on the topic: Health. Health has four angles that are prime factors to one's existence, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Without a significant balance of the four, a person choreography to life can be pretty arrested and oppressed. Principles, perspective, and perseverance is what portals a foundation (intrinsic & extrinsic) stronger than the speed of light. Health is the most nutritious common denominator of coordination and evolution where if high risk living can expire your whole existence suddenly or early. The statement of facts due to incarceration envelop repetitive living full of anxiety and cliches that can be a neurological concentration camp at times or modern day plantation of adversity and disappointment due to the level of family support/financial support versus your discretions desire. Mental health aspect of life revolves around competency, morals, education, and perseverance, where without these elements one can’t grow or navigate properly misfortune and shortcuts to reach momentary income / satisfaction end up driving one’s life. Mental health is what controls the essence of choice for living in the universe. As I do this prison term (I’ve been down 41 months on) I pay attention to nourish my mental through accurate sleep accounts, read, educate and write heavy just to keep my mind sequenced. A lot of the common massed people living around me (no matter they physical age or opposition) always call theyself inspired by the array of decisions to my facilitation through this penitentiary life. Charisma seems to rain opportunity my way constantly like for instance every Friday I cook with my guys in the block where it over 14 of us so the meal takes about an hour and a half just to consummate. The expressions that come from the common mass of inmates just by seeing the time, patience and commissary it takes just to produce the meal keep all sorts of phrases of propaganda surfacing such as “okay den, I see y’all why you ain’t let me kno to grab my bowl?” Or “okay den, what we cooking cause you know I’m hungry as ever?” Or “how you know I’m hungry, what I got to do to get a bowl?” All this be expressed falsehood equivalent to a child where them seeing my chosen movements generate thoughts of that’s a good idea so I’m gon follow it. At the end of the day the choices made on my end are beyond their own decisions due to them always being complexive or low self-esteem by always moving by what another person would think of them therefore they’d never have the heart to do this because they’re inferior to being ridiculed or criticized by their peers which are opposition to mines. All this depends and relies off the dynamics of one’s mental alchemy. I’ve been a street guy since age 13 so I move with a certain dominance and anatomy for life whether confined or in society it don’t stop. Ambition, confidence and navigation keep me tackling this time as a prodigy on how to never let nobody see you sweat no matter what you combating. A lot of times my charisma be having these average pops around me constantly asking these miscellaneous questions and just finding anything just to speak to a “G “I den even thought about being a life coach when I return to society. Physical health being vital to the perform you get out of it momentary to longevity where what you put in is what you get out it. Exercise, H20s, teas, veggies, fruit, fiber, protein, potassium, iron, Vitamin C & E plus calcium are all the essentials that keep the body preserved intrinsically. Strong as ten glock 23's where the exercise and antioxidants steady shed all the bile to toxic secretion that can clog the bodily functions equivalent to pissin out kidney stones in a sense. So replenished with nutritional value always keeps a person looking younger then the years his age presents also. This is a statement of facts for me because anybody I ever ran into thought I was at least 4 years younger then my initial age. I do sets of 80 on push ups at a time, sets of pullups 25 at a time, sets of squats 50 at a time, sets of 250 crunches at a time also. I had a LLC for autobody collision repair and custom painting out there but, due to my superior physique had me envision becoming a personal trainer when I get out early hopefully 2023. So I find myself taking up the personal trainer course for Stratford University through the mail while I'm incarcerated, I gotta make this frozen time count ya kno. So I gotta do good for self before I do good for anybody else I thought I might add. Emotional health is so prevalent in one's life where one slip of footing can result in Russian roulette or sacrifice to your own position or your mental stability / valence. In prison, I'm constantly around vacuous minds and superficial maturity levels it's like a never ending spinning ferris wheel full of clowns, bearded ladies, and addicts in this place. All fueled by Greed / jealousy / envy, pessimism or closed-minded thinking where if you lack stoic awareness emotionally to these personalities then they can unleash oppression onto your pre-meditated dialogue of burning your time or even worse fall victim to circumstance and allow them to pull you down to their level just to prove them wrong. Everyone around your immediate support unit (verbally, financially, spiritually, physically, mentally) have to live up to compatible pretenses, principles, and equal to more residual income in order for you to constantly evolve or stay fortified. I use to find myself in all sorts of confrontations from egotistically to actually being right and the other person trying to tackle my wits with manipulation. Mainly currently through prison over the phone with my son's mother for her stealing money I would send to her for my son well being and school shopping. This would really rattle my bolts to where she would hang up on me, I wouldn't be able to eat, sleep or interact with any sort of communication to anyone around me. I'd seclude self in my cell or take long showers, sometimes even from people not being able to read my complacive body language over my face as they keep talking to me I'd rather blackout where violence 98% of the time erupted. Upon being 30 years old (in route to 31 years old come August) means can't nothing or nobody have a influence over me such due to my position physically (encresting me as a infant because I'm incarcerated) where I can't worry of what I'm not able to control. Any extra unsavvy misery can't bleed onto me where the figure of psychological adversity called the penitentiary is the main cycle tryna chip a hole in my soul. So supporting someone who paints a vision/picture as they're financially equipped, happy independent and standin on top of the world where trust has also been instilled to only reveal they ain't standin on top of the world but instead the world standin on top of them actually. They say when people show they true colors as who they are please do yourself a favor and believe them. I now been extensive from her and that childish energy for around 18 months out these 41 I've done so far and does it feel refreshing amongst the least its such an allure of balance now. I just can't wait for this stoic awareness to magnify economical allegiance and residual income beyond nine digit placement. Spiritual health revolves around the souls elegance and purity where this what magnifies back upon our life momentary, temporary, eternally or constantly in our lifes. The belief system of meditation, religion, or militancy comes into play. I'm a open-minded arbitrator and philosopher that's conscious to every religion known to man. I'm a follower of the nation of God's and Earths where I look at life through signs, knowledge and cycles of energy where, a lot of people don't see what I see or how I see it. I'm left to navigate through a lot of mental arrested developments and martyrs of religions to point you can ask them any questions any sort of way and these people so devoted to those religions lack the knowledge to answer these questions. It all mainly due to they parents handing down the belief system due to this how they elders taught them. Spiritual health is monumental because it also helps give closure to mishaps or sacrifices as well as a grounding or ace bandage to filter you through your time and well I'm conscious aware, and alert to my potential as well as accepted my misfortunes from choices this is how I'm able to currently elevate. I don't know how many words my essay has been so far, so I call myself in journey to bring closure to this essay. I hope APWA website viewers enjoy the exertion of energy to wisdom I stand on like choreography that can help people in society understand and realize that even tho people such as I have made unethical choices in life that result in prison terms that all persons in this position aren't all toxic or peasants. We are the indifference that allow the rich to continue to get rich and poor continue to be poor, it's sad but its true this all comes to existence from the crossbreeding of people, short cut living and risk taking that highly result in jail stents that the poor get immune too I just am the sagacious conformation of a poor born person that has evolved with education and class away from this way of life. I transitioned into grace, growth and fortune of my best interest. So world I hope you enjoy too whom much is given much is tested... Peace Loyally, Cp. Pan Jr. London, Ohio

Author: Parr, Christopher, Jr.

Author Location: Ohio

Date: February 11, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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