Essay on: Respect

Parr, Christopher, Jr.



YouTube Music: Rick Ross "Family Ties" Feb 26, 2019 Essay on: Respect Hello world.... what's new in today's sunlight... I'm still relatively new to this creative writing at APWA, but practice make permanent so I'm on my way to prosperity it's lonely at the top but somebody gotta do it so who to do it better then me... So without further adue here my essay on the topic Respect. Respect is more then a word and even more then a line of actions. Respect is earned through the structure of the mind upheld and through principles the body is inlined by where acts to actions are compounded. Respect can get you a long way in certain emphasis of people where in others only animalistic nature can get you compelled to the top. Like for instance there is a certain level of respect automatically shed upon kids & women even if they earned it or not because in life no matter what a man does or doesn't do, it's always him who reaps the blame that why the saying it's a man's world be so true for the good and the bad. Respect in prison is one element to life that so sincere that if one little slip of disrespect can result in the disposition of everything you have going on to survive or manage sanity and income all due to association and judgement calls. In prison for instance is a confined environment so you have to make your privileges & incentives far as meals, celebrations, education, communication, income, convenience, and comfort. So for instance the other day I put my food in the microwave to heat up but I left to get in the shower where when I came back to the microwave my food was on top of the microwave which resulted in the person being inconvenienced when I found him on the phone. Respect is the glue that keeps a man hovering afloat amongst all others around you, whether communication to anyone respect is the initial key. Respect upon society while incarcerated is one of the all time low points a person can ever endure because it isn't a physical occurrence it's rather one of three emotional, mental or financial. So the people you may love & respect doesn't always love & respect you back due to you not being able to fend for yourself firsthand as well as depending who it is they disrespect you just to try and penalize you because you've neglected them without your physical presents. So a person really has to enhance his perseverance, discipline, patience, and maturity or you'll find yourself in the pettiest emotional to verbal battles all the way to the biggest financial beef possible. Respect goes a long way it is the shine from the soul you own that principles or morals uphold. Like for instance I constantly reach out to my son mother for pictures of him and the money she has stolen from me that I send for her to furnish him and constantly I get no constellations. I haven't spoken to her in almost 2 years but I'm rather bitter due to not getting the confirmation I deserve as respect for being that boy's father. I feel beneath a man at times as I'm going on 42 months without a visit from my son and 38 months without a visit from anyone. The respect I have for myself in dignity is what keeps me upheld in high hopes and the illumination of envisioning life beyond these walls a lot of others simply give up and contaminate they principles and health due to the suffering of disrespect and neglect from they families but I refuse to lose I gotta make it out this place stronger than I entered it.... it can only stop up shine if you change with the everyday occurrences but, if you keep yo cycle of life the same it can't encrypt your mind, your time or your options... Now, I know my essay on respect is a lot shorter than my other too but, I'm rather sleepy and at 3 am with a full day ahead of me as a literacy tutor in the morning with a horticulture program to attend in the afternoon I'm heading to submit this so I can make it count so better yet next time will be my usual enlightenment on paper. Hopefully my missive is unleashed for the world to realize just because a person comes to prison doesn't mean they aren't knowledgable or relevant to societies oracle... So I hope you enjoy. Life is like prison when you living around clowns whether in society or incarceration... Life is life... just different levels. Loyaly. C. Par Jr. London. OH

Author: Parr, Christopher, Jr.

Author Location: Ohio

Date: February 26, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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