Essay providing information on how to research the unconstitutional conditions of the Florida Department of Corrections

Hempstead, Harold



Essay providing information on how to research the unconstitutional conditions of the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC). If you Google "Harold Hempstead", or a nickname of mine "Caged Crusader", you'll find dozens of new articles and interviews with me. The foregoing will show I've been fighting for justice for the murder of mentally disabled inmate Darren Rainey, and challenging the unconstitutional conditions of FDC for several years now. I'd like to do what I can to help other people learn about the unconstitutional conditions of FDC. In order to do this I'm providing the following information to aid you in your research on prison conditions. Since May 2014, the Miami Herald Newspaper has published around 150 articles on FDC on the Miami Herald internet site, they have a section called "Cruel and Unusual" that will allow you to read every article they published on FDC. My sister is also involved with prison reform in Florida. The blog site that site manages also provides a lot of information on the unconstitutional conditions of FDC. The address to her blog is: By Googling "New Yorker Magazine Madness Article" you'll find a good article that explains the unconstitutional treatment of the mentally disabled inmates in FDC. If you go to the blog site:, you'll be able to find several detailed sworn affidavits that I authored on several different matters relating to the unconstitutional conditions in FDC. If you Google "Darren Rainey", you'll find a very large quantity of articles about Darren Rainey's brutal murder in FDC. Rainey was a mentally disabled inmate who was placed in a shower at Dade C1 in FDC that reached temperatures in excess of 160 degrees. After about 2 hours of being in the shower Rainey was taken out of the shower dead with his skin following off him. In May 2017, the Miami Herald published an article with pictures of how Rainey's body looked when it was taken out of the shower. I witnessed the foregoing murder. In order for people in society to be able to help prisoners who are being abused, tortured, and murdered in prisons, people in prison need to speak out about what is going on in prisons across our nation. Prisoners are people who got caught for committing crimes, but they are still people. People should be treated like people. I thank Hamilton College and APWA for this project they are working on. Respectfully Submitted, Harold Hempstead Tennessee Alternate Contact Address: Harold Hempstead Florida

Author: Hempstead, Harold

Author Location: Tennessee

Date: August 13, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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