Every member of the human

Cherry, Danny W.



Danny Cherry IN 2-13-19 Dear APWA Editors, Every member of the human race is entitled to dignity and equality. That being said, I am not an "incarcerated [writer]," I am a writer who is incarcerated. To expound—without a doubt—would be an exercise in futility, especially to marginalized people suffering from delusions of superiority over members of the population whom have been disenfranchised by crime. Such prejudice against prisoners is unbecoming, degrading, but worst of all segregational. My imprisonment has nothing to do with, nor does it affect my metier; there is nothing that I cannot do when I pick up a pen; I am inferior to none of my peers; as long as I know that my life has value, I am unstoppable. I am Dr. King's heir; why would I abstain from doing right and standing up against injustice, lies and hate out of fear for my own life? Did Dr. King shrink back when he was stoned? Sprayed with water hoses? When he was beaten and jailed? Did Dr. King fear the savagery of Bull Connor, his officers or their dogs which tore into both flesh and bone of him and all his peaceful, nonviolent protesters exercising their First Amendment Right? Dr. King may have become discouraged sometimes as he said, yet Dr. King still continued to do what was right, honest, true, good; until heartless cowards killed him in cold-blood; my duty is to continue Dr. King's pursuit of human dignity until all men are treated equally because I read somewhere that, "All men are created equal." Danny William Cherry "...I feel that sorrow is out of place, and tears become a blasphemy... shall sacrifice be vain; shall his blood be shed for futile purposes of mourning; or shall we use that blood... peace soldiers to save the world..." Sarojini Naidu

Author: Cherry, Danny W.

Author Location: Indiana

Date: February 13, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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