Everybody your color, isn’t your kind

Akbar, Ismail



Ismail akbar Florida "everybody you'r color, isn't you'r kind" Brother's or sister's may be as dark as the night, they may have the hair, the lip's and the look's. But before you go calling them brother's and sister's, you had better check them out. Because it is a fact black people, that everyone you'r color isn't you'r kind. These day's, it has become fashionable to say, people look like me. Well friend's, i have some shocking new's for you. Everone that look's like you and is you'r color in'st you'r kind. So many black's today have been educated away from themselves and from their people. They no longer conceive of themselves as being black or a part of the black problem. They have been brain washed by the system that they are better than that group of black people that they used to be a part of. These people usually wear the unofficial title of 'house negroes; their mission in life is to do the will of the majority race and to be respected by those same folk's. These unconnected black's will tell you that affirmative action did nothing for them, that it is no longer needed and that the playing field is level for any body who want's to work hard. These people avoid black neighberhood's, black churches. And black affairs. The reason, they are ashamed of those black's that are beneath them. They are ashamed because in their opinion, these disenfranchised brother's and sister's don't know how to act and they may embarrass them in front of their so-called white friend's. Every body of color is not you'r kind. Rap singer's whose song's degrade our women and urge our young children into a life of crime, are not our kind. I don't care how baggy his pant's are, how his cap is turned back-wards or how much he goes, "hey-ho-hi," hes not you'r kind. Any drug dealer who preys upon children and the helpless in our neighborhoods is not our kind, regardless of how cool he may be, or how cool he may dress. Any person who changed from who they are because of where they are, you better watch them. Any politicians, community leader, or handken chief head house negro who brings you the white man's message that you know to be untrue, or not in the best interest of black people, you better watch them. Because everyone you'r color, isn't you'r kind. We must also be mindful that people that are not our color, aren't necessarily our enemies. As the bro: Ismail Abdul. Hakim. Akbar; once said, all the enemies aren't up in the big house. Many of them are right here in the 'hood. They're you'r color, but they're not you'r kind"....

Author: Akbar, Ismail

Author Location: Florida

Date: August 10, 2014

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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