Garner, Curtis



Curtis Garner Pennsylvania Ex-convicts Images in the newspaper of "former convicts" reveal the prevailing mindset of those who have never spent more than a night in jail. Those "convicts" are people before, during, and after their incarceration. Their DNA strand does not reveal origin from some alternate ancestral entity, specific abhorrent mutation, or hidden mysterious galaxy. For the most part, they look, act, and feel, just as we do. The most transparent difference is the stigma of their conviction, thereby their time behind bars. So our question must be: to what foundations do we attribute this prejudice? Is their something heinous, destructive, or contagious contained within the confines of our legal system; or does something dark and inherently evil dwell within those who survive periods confined to one of our penal institutions? Politically motivated interests, using various forms of media and public information manipulation, have effectively demonized the incarcerated in American society. This potent characterization justifies the obliteration of any and all rights of the accused; creating in effect a "prosecution state", where those charged are simultaneously incarcerated and pronounced guilty of wearing handcuffs; denied reasonable bail; and jailed for indeterminate periods. Once interred, the custodial entity need only furnish the very minimum of basic human necessities, as public, administrative, and legal perceptions allude prisoners have no rights. Any remaining liberties perceived as owned by those held before trial prove purely hypothetical as actually, prison staff and administrators are given broad deference to conduct affairs "inside the walls" as they see fit, and even the Supreme Court is reluctant to get involved with what to outsiders is the "minutae" of prison operations. When you are locked up without a trial, there is no such thing as "minutae"; especially when it comes to rights that are illustrated in our United States Constitution. Semper Fidelis Transcribed by Tyler A Boudreau, 2017-04-30

Author: Garner, Curtis

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: October 19, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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