Kiser, Paul J.



Example? 7-5-18 I find it difficult to believe that a 18-19 year old kid two weeks of training can somehow by example rehabilitate me. Make no mistake, that is, according to the law, their job. It's a top down problem. The D.O.C from the secretary on, does nothing to create an Esprit de Corps. Which is essential to promote a mission goal. Part of this problem is that each facility (Kansas) has its own training cadre, each with its own ethos biases, perceptions and way of doing things historic to each facility. By doing this you ensure that the environment in which prisoner finds himself in is unstable and unequal across the entire system. Stability and routine are essential to rehabilitation. Without it, you have chaos. That's the first thing you need for rehab to work. People that want to see prisoners change, to help administer that change. Next you need programs and education to change the belief systems of prisoners. A certain mindset allowed us to commit our crimes. We most get the tools to change that mindset. That's the 2nd thing needed. Last but not least, is the prisoner needs to want to change. Even if, that changes doesn't lead to freedom. To want to change starts after we take responsibility for our actions, past, present and future. It all starts with us. We as prisoners must demand through action and words that we are worth saving. And we must be worthy of that saving. Paul J. Kiser 7-5-18

Author: Kiser, Paul J.

Author Location: Kansas

Date: July 5, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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