Torres, Eduardo



Exploitation Eduardo Torres We probably can only name a few things about us that didn't enter our lives because of exploitation. Nearly everything is commercialized or materialized because of some method of exploitation through comparison through media, culture, or government. I want to oppose exploitation because of some theories that have been matamaticly proven and have been popular enough to win a nobel peace prize and to have appeared in at least one movie and one book. Of course I'm talking about "A Beautiful Mind" where a genius becomes schizophrenic and a nobel peace prize winner in that order. I might hold insight on what he has gone through. I have read that it's often that when a person goes through their most important parts of their lives they also face the most difficult parts. Like Albert Einstein during his most important work he came down with headaches, rashes, and other illnesses. I believe John Nash the nobel peace prize winner in mathematics on game theory could only do it because of the odds he faced when he became schizophrenic. Call me crazy but I believe his outlook that his hallucinations were real, or caused by real people, throughout his life, were true. He was a genius after all and he isn't alone in his beliefs. But that leads us down a road of conspiracy and occultist philosophical absolutism. I'm referring to a belief or reality that people who exist or beings for that matter have the ability to control peoples minds or people's perception or reality for that matter. Most people are not too aquainted with metaphysics because well they turn to religion or never study, but I have had the opportunity to expirience my own metaphysical situations that lead me to believe in beings with the ability of creation and protection. Furthermore I contend exploitation of this modern age with so many people on this planet is taking a big toll on the beings who are making it all happen with human's free will and gods will. So I'm implying a game theory principle to a non-matamatical universe. The universe with all of its atral planes is called the pleroma by the way. The reason I believe people are subject to game theory and one-up-manship with all their vitals and feelings is that we are all being exploited to suffering in prisons, to illnesses, and to natural causes that have existed as long as history. There must be a proof that people's fortune is run by an alliance which invatably is known as God. So if we don't refer to exploitation as a method of retracing our steps in a mistake, it is wrong, and probably damaging to the sake of the future. Creation for geniuses with the opportunity like of John Nash's see something or have the opportunity to behold something bigger than any genius or exploitation.

Author: Torres, Eduardo

Author Location: California

Date: January 15, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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