F.C.I. Sandstone, now infected with COVID-19 plays Russian roulette with military vets. lives and states: “We don’t care”

Azreal, David



H.A.R.L.E.M. Whistle Blower Report Holding Accountable all Regions of Law Enforcement Misconduct F.C.I. Sandstone, now infected with COVID-19 plays Russian Roulette with Military Vets. lives and states: "we don't care" By: [redacted] AKA: David Azreal As inmates, many of whome are vets. of America, looked on, the prison staff at Sandstone FCI announced that cases of COVID-19 infection were now a reality at Sandstone prison, then added "we don't care, nothings going to change." S.W. Sullivan (assistant to the warden) Sandstone FCI, which pulls in 3.6 million dollars from jobless tax payers every month to house older prisoners that are least likely to recidivate, has continually failed to provide the required safe environment for inmates There's a fierce prejudice of top prison officials against the inmates-- in the event of a COVID-19 outbread. Inmates note there is a fierce prejudice of top prison officials against the inmates. A kind of loyalty code of brotherhood that resonates with the prison staff. A few inmates even heard top female prison staff shout "fuck those guys, are you with me? Fuck those guys!" while staff and inmates were conducting compassion release interviews a while back. Inmates heard top female staff shout "fuck those guys, are you with me? Fuck those guys!" Inmates have rightfully expressed serious concern over the life threatening conditions of the mass overcrowding at Sandstone where 162 inmates are crammed into units that are just 35 ft by 95 ft. Inmates must co-habitate in abysmal conditions, sharing bathrooms and showers and eating communally in almost 'elbow to elbow' confinement. The conditions violate the constitutional rights against overcrowding and the right to guaranteed safety of life. This right to safety is impeded by impossibility. It violates inmates Eighth Amendment rights by failing to adequately protect their health and safety. Inmates are within six feet of each other and the recommended safe practice to curtail the spread of the virus can not be accomplished. This is a clear violation of inmate Eighth Amendment rights by failing to adequately protect their health and safety. Assistant attorney General Larie Robinson stated, "there's no way to set up effective quarantine when prisoners are confined to small cells." (Speaking on a different prison with the same conditions are Sandstone FCI) The ACLU has also weighed in on this, stating, "it is a moral and constitutional requirement to protect public health. It is not a political choice or a policy judgement, it's the law. (ACLU Nebraska) What is even more disturbing is that Sandstone FCI refuses to protect its inmates that are senior military veterans whose health concerns make them susceptible to COVID-19 fatality. Prison staff have a wanton disregard for the special needs of these veterans lives, making no special changes to isolate them from the overcrowded units that would practically guarantee their infection of the virus if it was ever to get in the unit. Even more chilling, staff told inmates "you only need to wear your mask when we walk by your cube." so inmates choose to go unmasked in their open cubes which is very likely to expose senior inmate veterans to the virus. They refuse to "random test" for Coronavirus saying the procedure is uncomfortable. Sandstone facility staff have further stated that they refuse to "randomly test" for the virus because "the procedure is uncomfortable to have a Q-tip up your nose for 15 seconds. - do that twice and you are brain dead". - S.W. Sullivan The BOP is playing RUssian Roulett with our senior American veterans that gave decades of their life to protect ours, and our countries. Now they face death by neglect of the very Government they swore to serve and protect. COVID-19 at Sandstone -1- Greed of filling beds and stuffing as many people in the BOP prisons as possible -- this is a greed over life issue. One does not need to ruminate why. One reason, greed of filling beds and stuffing as many people in the BOP prisons as possible to meet their millions a month quota of tax payer dollars. This is a greed over life issue. These servicemen have a right to life, and protection from cruel and unusual punishment. There is no reason they should not be put on home confinement. The BOP has deemed them "least likely to recidivate" and they have the standard "special conditions" of release that would warrant any one from prison safe for society. Not that these servicemen would ever pose a threat reentering society any way. As Nazgol Ghandnoosh, a senior research analyst at the Sentencing Project states, "we are sending too many people to prison-- and keeping them there too long, and even though research shows people who are older have the highest risk COVID-19 and the lowest risk of recidivism, we are not letting them out." This is a Whistle Blower Report to save our servicemen from the greed and corruption of the BOP that threatens the life of our veterans and rights of the incarcerated and powerless. What ever the cost is. --David Azreal COVID-19 at Sandstone -2- Notes: 1.) Larie Robinson: -- "no way to set up effective quarantine" (quoting article USA Today march 18, 2020) 2.) Constitutional Rights of Prisoners 11.6.4. Failure to Protect "Prison officials must take reasonable measures to protect the safety of the prisoner." 3.) Constitutional Rights of Prisoners -- Right to Life "The Eighth Amendment mandates that prison officials take reasonable measures to guarantee the safety of the prisoner." 4.) The Eighth Amendment prohibits cruel and unusual treatment Furman v. Georgie, 408 US 238, 243-44 (1972) (Dougles, J. Concurring) 5.) ACLU Nebraska (Quoting Inmates; Iowa among ...) paul.hammel@owh.com

Author: Azreal, David

Author Location: Minnesota

Date: October 1, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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