Failure can breed success

Atkins, Richard, Jr.



By Richard Atkins, Jr. September 10, 2018 Essay Failure Can Breed Success Time will give me strength from the pain I have suffered. Becoming rich and a player by the rules. Which mean I will live legit until the day I die... First thing first, parole from prison, continue to build my publishing, record, and clothing company! Do it with social media marketing and promoting... I want to buy my mother her own home; along with my three sisters too. 2nd, I want to be "Mayweather" rich, with family around me at all times. 3rd, I want many children of many nationalities! It's not some dry fantasy; it's never been a fantasy for me. I believe in my talent like America believes in Halloween... or politics! 4th I want to touch all my homeboys behind prison walls for life... Me and my employees are humble from the deepest struggle known to man. And that's surviving the ghettos of America. Street dudes live by different rules than the rappers do. We got it at the goal line, with goals of becoming Esco or Norieaga... I've thought about $100 million every day for the past seven years and have no worries. I feel in my heart, with the (48) urban novels I've written, I'm the greatest not yet known! And these thoughts come from my mind due to the convict endorsements. Inmates/convicts tell me all the time, that my urban novel, they were fortunate enough to read is off the chain like a vicious dog! I also want to own property all over California and Florida. Then own a crib in Cuba, Puerto Rico and Hawaii; where I want my unborn seeds to come from. That's all facts, on the blue print of my design for the future. Well educated by the streets and reading novels on a level that can inspire or retire you. I'm not about to retire, until my power is divine. I seek god's wisdom and perhaps I don't achieve that; I still advance at heaven doors. It's like I'm writing my mind, for the world to lose the misery and grind. Check a goal off the bucket list every chapter you write in life. That way you're soon writing checks that sponsor your talent. I want to sky dive from the heavens and record my landing again and again. Cause I'll be the fly cat real lonely at the top. You know, that wealthy account that seems to offend the weak minds... Us street dudes, give you civilians the slang, word play and personality. You guys start to speak and think like the street dudes, but that don't work out for you, ever. Like a street dude trying to be a civilian again without a blue print to retire. 'Cause when a gee retires without a plan, he eventually resorts back to his ways before... We always resort back to what it is we know best. That's a fact and what's got the American prisons overcrowded like birds in a cage! For 2019, I want my brain to relieve all my past pain. To cancel my struggles and help me defeat my demons. When Jesus walks, I want to walk beside him draped in jewels like a Jew, in the ghetto. The health comes before the wealth, or life isn't worth even living... I promised myself, that my life wouldn't just be a promise to myself. That I wanted to advance after every written novel embracing the book shelves. I'm ready to eat without defeat and bring my business to the forefront today! That's my 2019 and beyond bucket list... LA Prince Global, INC! peace

Author: Atkins, Richard, Jr.

Author Location: California

Date: September 10, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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