Fallen flag

Wilder, George Eagle Eyes, Sr.



"Fallen Flag" George Wilder (Author Non Fiction) Essay 9/30/2019 Norco's Prison (CDCR), in Riverside County, California, that prison was my residence, (from 2008 to 2010) The history is extreme, going back to the prohibition times, people would transport horses during the World War One era. Inside these tunnels I personally found spoons for world series, as an apprentice plumber. The tunnels contain rats the size of cats. Roam all over the upper levels of Norco Prison on the lowers, I've seen rats walking on top of pipes in health care units commissary warehouse. I personally watched a rat chewing on candy that he chewed through a box. No glue traps, nothing! The lowers have original housing units, that actually housed Asians during World War Two when Pearl Harbor was invaded. Wooden floor you fall through, each unit rests upon stands (posts) termite fall from the roof, leaks in the ceiling, so when I resided there on the upper level, called Facility-IV, I was told the two original buildings were nurses housing for the Navy, the property is being leased from the United States Navy; the kitchen has been the dining room for wild rats, opossums, and raccoons. The U.S. flag's pole was moved from the high side facing Route 91, and East 210 Freeway. The flag was misused, brought down and thrown in a milk crate unfolded - disrespectful. So being retired USMC-(03)-(Capt) I checked the grounds for rank, WW2 vets as prisoners. No VFW anywhere, the warden in 2008-2009, was an actual LT. for United States Air Force, and he was a pilot. He ran my Mil. files which are sealed. He gave me respect to create a six-man flag detail, so I collected six military-vets, to be ready out front at 0530 AM, Army, Navy, USMC, WWII vets were selected for my detail. I collected from a Lt. of corrections the folded flag at 0530 hrs. For sunrise, I went and the six men standing outside in line detail three by three and me, point (DCO) Divisional (03) Capt Commanding Officer over all veterans in Norco, Prison! I took charge under (DOD) the naval base to the east of Norco Prison, blew the horn when they were raising the flag (you can hear the horn sound off). 60 [Tess?] line need repair (& it was!) I took a notice to the warden, of Norco for my flag detail, to bring honor to the monument of the Franklin D. Roosevelt flag marker. It was tarnish bad some sixty five years old, so I took sand water and cloth with tooth brushes, and we worked together, like we had brass all, the monument shined for the two years. The flag detail brought down glory at 1800 hrs (6pm) sunset, we were exactly on point with the U.S. Navy. In 2010 I returned and the flag detail was discontinued and corrections don't fold the flag. Regardless of our personal feelings, this nations flag always must be honored and folded. (Author) Capt. George.L.Wilder, (U.S.M.C.-Ret) [ID] 550. N. Flower St. Santa Ana, CA 92703 Veteran of Beirut. (10-22-1983') In regards to my late father: A veteran of WW1 1918-1945 U.S. Army/Airforce, he became General Chief of Staff in Intelligence by being appointed from the 34th president Dwight David Eisenhower, Dad retired from U.S. Pentagon for the Army as a Lieutenant Colonel, with honor. Thornton Niven Wilder. Please submit this in my archives, he deserved honor too. The Flag At CDCR-NORCO

Author: Wilder, George Eagle Eyes, Sr.

Author Location: California

Date: September 30, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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