Murray, B. C.



FENCES Fences: Society's artisan of salvation and refuge. Fences prohibit interruptions and distractions for those seeking freedom, fecundity. Their impregnable strands of wire offer sanctuary from the unholy, impure, and all that impugns thoughts and actions of those protected therein. Fences provide unfettered isolation adn disincentive to venture beyond civilization's Cloister of all deemed favorable and championed. Consequently, from across the divide, fences spawn a flourishing, profligate desert void of any goal other than survival. Survival where one's sanity routinely falls victim to a purling cesspool possessing a sole appetite for chaos and instant gratification. Where dreams of breaching the divide and entering an ethical, conscientious world becomes irrelevant, and for some, forgotten entirely. What though of fences in one's own mind? Where conceptions are safely harbored in hope puritanical ideals never risk sullenness. Where reality is what one chooses, not what necessarily exists. Where one trembles at that lies beyond the cerebral threshold causing one to never draw close fearing even the vapors of what lurks beyond will imperil the chastity of one's unspoiled notions and pending legacy. Consider the so—called wretched for whom both physical and mental barriers restrict freedom to hope, ponder, and circulate. Those restrained behind fences see spirits crushed and discern hazards in attempting to cross into a world that encourages creative aspirations. Where some semblance of dignity can be extracted from what remains of one's utility after extended periods of continual delay. Do not fences embargo the free, as well? Can the liberated be any less sequestered than those whose bodies and minds are denied passage beyond these partitions? The volitional frequently run to fences, observe the intimidating, unfiltered landscape beyond through oblique eyes only to repel backward into the security of their familiar contentedness. : “T “u ~ 9.: If those detained beyond the moral and aesthetic state were granted access, would they accept the invite into the "promised land?“ Or would they demur and like the privileged beyond the divide choose to venture not where they are not now and probably will ever be made to feel welcome? Communal bonds and thought are thus paradoxically created between the very two classesjfences were constructed to distinguish. 2018

Author: Murray, B. C.

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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