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Re: Fight for Justice, Illegal harsh and excessive sentence and fatally defective and false judgement of convictions, and cruel justice center The courts in New York State has slavery oppressive rules in the courts in all jurisdictions. Rules such as the courts will not entertain a motion, appeal, or cry out to the courts, whereas the defendant filed an appeal of motion too late, or did not mention a ground or claim in a first motion or petition. The court will painfully allow a person to suffer or even die in prison, and ignore the rights and innocence, and suffering of a person. The is inhuman, and these are real people lives your dealing with. This is not a monopoly game. Its nothing less of cruel and inhuman to condemn a man/woman based on a side door rule which would cruelly allow the court to not hear and consider in no form, serious issues, such as, being abused as a child, to the point it caused him to become emotionally disturbed snap out of a loss of control, and to ignore the mental state and level of criminality, and culpability in committing the act, and to ignore and instantly dismiss violations of the 5th, 6th, 8th, 13th, and 14th Amendment constitutional rights. That is basically taking it to the street with no trial, no judge. That's functionally the same as the police slaughtering a person at arrest. That shooting first and questions are secondary regardless if a person has or didn't commit a crime, or him being innocent. That's running every red light, to put a person in prison for life without a trial to determine and investigate into the cause. This injustice will allow the government to smoothly create criminal. Because its like smuggling drugs into the country, and by that same drug smuggling hand its passing customs without inspection. [MARGIN NOTE] Too late for justice for all for an abused child Its also like allow a problem, within a culture to worsen, without slamming the brakes on it. It's i.e. like ignore a contagious deadly disease, allow it to spread. You receive financial support from the government use of tax payers money to serve and protect the public. But what the court did is create a zombification. You took no corrective measure, nor to deter a repeated culture. You fueled the problem, and kept the pit fall so that more children can be caused and become a person who make the same mistake instead of seriously investigation and give prevention education and awareness. Which is inhuman. Why would anybody want to pay tax money, so the government to hire people who will spend tax payers money to put you in prison for a crime they themselves know you did not commit or betake? Why would they want a police department which allows officers to shoot innocent people died. This is not hollywood. You see that in the movies. I paid tax money to support people who is going to ignore me as a child, ignore my rights, the psychology, nature and cause of my act, culture, and as to the decent person I am and intended to be without the intervention of being abused, neglected, oppressed, ignored, etc. The nature and psychology of child men, women, being abused, neglected, rejected, poor, oppressed, etc. must be considered in my case. But the court tell me its too late. It's unfair! I worked for Donmore Printing company, Superior Messenger Service, Burger - King, Summer Youth, and Dagostino's Supermarket. I use to play music, and deejay out in the polks at age 12. I had a 4 track recording studio in my (shared) bedroom. I cut a rap song at the age 14 see (find) K.D. Nice, Total Control, or Get Up I did not do crime. The court exploited only the negative evidence, and the act itself to indicate my guilt, but ignore all the positive innocent evidence and facts to direct a guilty verdict of a non existing crime charge, and unduly took a presumption of guilt, and unduly applied a strict liability, which I could be found guilty regardless of my culpability and quality of intent. They mind as well go back to whips and chains.

Author: Prince

Author Location: New York

Date: September 30, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 5 pages

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