First I want to stress the point

Meadows, Tommy R.



From: Tommy Meadows #[ID] To: APWA First I want to stress the point that I am not promoting any form of violence. I have been in Ohio prison system for 18 yrs most of which has been spent in max and super max. And most of that was spent S.O.C.F. also known as Lucasville ten yrs more or less I've been ship in and out and back here again. I have been assaulted by staff CO's and supervisors and it happens to be that every time I was assaulted I was in handcuffs and shackles. So to add insult to that injury lies are then written up on me, my latest situation took place 5-19-19 and this day, place in handcuffs due to other prisoners fighting as the staff were escorting me toward the hole (segregation) the CO who was escorting me started to bend and twist my fingers and trying to break my hand. I told him that he was hurting me and what is his issue yet he kept it up an did it even harder I told him again to stop it was causing me pain as I look back at him he had a evil grin on his face at this moment he then along with 4 to 5 other staff lifted me into the air and slammed me head first into the floor into the air not only lacerating my head but knocking me unconscious after this I was then lifted up and then they slammed my face into the wall splitting my eye open then slammed to the floor again and lifted up and maced directly in my face by a supervisor who watch all of this take place. I was then moved into a strip out cage inside of (Seg) as in placed inside and secure that same supervisor yelled turn around he stated then once I did that he was going to kill me and again maced me in my face with a riot can of mace. Now I didn't remember half of the stuff not until a friend of mine went to get the DVR footage of the situation and it is all clear that these are facts now to add on to this the staff wrote me up for fighting, assault on staff, and several other rule violations that again are all clearly lies made up and it turn given no less than 24 months in ERH which is (Seg) all of this was affirmed by even the supreme authority that over sees the Ohio penal system central office, they said that the evidence supports the ticket meaning the lies and DVR video footage show me violating all the rules I was written up for so this clearly shows corruption at the highest level of administration this is the norm here in S.O.C.F. Lucasville. If need be I can direct anyone to see the video footage to prove the facts and produce my conduct report to show all these are facts. So I say that my reason for writing about this is because I want to find help from someone who may care to help change the abuses taken place here at S.O.C.F. Lucasville we need real change I know that some kind of separate system not [paid?] by the penal system/state to have real oversight furthermore the lone job title inside the prison S.O.C.F. Lucasville the inst. Inspector is a duty that is suppose to be the one duty to look into what prisoners write up and grievance yet this duty is only to protect the staff here to protect the interest of this abusive oppressive prison system, and once again no further that one has to look for clear uncut facts is to look at my situation and all of what has been wrote here, and then look into this ICR grievance system which are all documented all written grievances by prisoners this was the first place to deny my appeals and grievances that again the prison has the evidence to show and support what I have wrote on these pages. I'm not sure what it will take before change comes about, I know this prison has a history of abuse. Other abuses take place daily I have been maced just because they did not me asking to talk to mental health staff as I was in my cell depressed and the CO didn't want to call or do extra work. If any one has any questions or comments or know of or what to help come up with ways we can help promote changes within these walls at S.O.C.F. we need help. And soon.

Author: Meadows, Tommy R.

Author Location: Ohio

Date: November 13, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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