First time in Idaho State Prison

Jaramillo, David



David Jaramillo Idaho First time in Idaho State Prison I started in R.d.u going through the process of being housed. It takes about a month to be housed. There are several housing areas but I was placed at I.C.C. I went through another intake process of recieving my stuff (property) and getting my clothes and Id. They housed me, when I first arrived, in west wing, the living situation sucked, it was open dorm, so it was crowded, very noisy, no privacy in the shower, and someones always pooping right next to you while I brush my teeth. It is three men to a cubicle, hardly any room for us to move and its very frustrating. It's deppressing, annoying, it felt like time was going by slow. I wasn't there for long but it felt like forever. I eventually got moved to a two man cell where at least there was some privacy. Now I'm working and time seems to fly by and going to school getting my education.

Author: Jaramillo, David

Author Location: Idaho

Date: March 14, 2014

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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