First world countries v. 3rd world countries

Torres, Eduardo



First world countries v. 3rd world countries I never lived in a third world country but I have lived in prison. I have also had the opportunity to be first, first world country generation, my parents came from Mexico. Although I have limited understanding on the lives that my parents lived I know it was very different than my own. Until now I can appraise some of the perks and disadvantages of both kind of countrys. The United States has probably more infamy than any other first world country. And I expirience those reasons for its infamy very much. The United States is known for it opportunity but ridiculed for it immorality. The real truth is that it does give opportunity while also degenerating people's honesty and virtue. The infamy of the United States is earned not only for the part it plays in generational degeneration but also as the center of the war between good and evil. Theres opportunity in the United States but it comes with a price, a price that is more valueable than money. A price that steals away your peaceful innocence of mind, a price that presents itself in the form of evil, harm, and oppression. So if you do so happen to fall between the cracks of the American dream, make it known to others because its only getting worse through music and demoralized stupidity brought on by laziness and ignorance. I live in prison where a great number of people have tatoos on their face or throughout their body. They are not educated in religion, academia, or, only found here in the U.S.A., with common sense. The USA has a way of making people so desensitized they cannot upbring themselves or anyone else mindfully. The become a product, a victim of the system. goodnight, ET Eduardo Torres PO Box 409020 Ione CA 95640 PS "happy" countrys have more suicides than countries with unhappy citizens

Author: Torres, Eduardo

Author Location: California

Date: February 19, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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