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Florida Politics and Prisons Dedekiah 7-6-2017 In 2015 I was blessed to have meet and spoke with Mrs. Jennifer Carroll. In 2010 Florida's Lieutenant Governor (Jennifer Carroll) made history as the first black and first woman elected to the position. But, two years into her term, she resigned under a cloud of controversy. The retired naval officer shared her story about breaking out of the good-ole-boys club and having the last word. Carroll published a very candid book : When you Get There; that has exposed Florida State politics for its notoriously racist flaws and aided in the ousting of incumbent Governor Rick Scott the next election. The whistle-blowing autobiography, which became an Amazon best seller the first week of release in August 2014, has given Carroll an opportunity to share her version of events that led up to her 2013 resignation, which she insist were all part of a plot spearheaded by one of the Governor's Chiefs of Staff, Steve MacNamara, who himself resigned amid controversy. Today, Carroll is a political analyst for a local television station in Jacksonville, Florida; and senior advisior for Global Digital Solutions, Inc. in West Palm Beach. Hello, I am Dedekiah. I've been incarcerated in the Florida Department of Corrections since 1999. For many of the years I've experienced the back-lash of the racist mind-set of the men and women in the prison system. I challenge and report horrendus conditions and treatment of incarcerated people here in Florida. Issues such as "double-celling" - when two prisoners are housed in a cell built for one - is linked to mass incarceration. Today, I am in solitary confinement for exercising my 1st Amendment (Const. right). I'm being denied access to the prison law library as well as the courts for filing civil rights complaints. But, the worst part of it all is that I am being harassed and retaliated against almost daily. It was not until 2012-2013 that the facility I'm located installed personal computers; and provided prisoners with Lexis Nexis - legal resourse. However, the prison officials have restricted many of the essential functions of the p/c's. For instance, word-pad is not an option. So, prisoners cannot draft or prepare their documents digitally and print them for court. I am in the 11th circuit court of appeals trying to demand (FDC) officials to produce any legal documents contained on hard-drive and/or disk. A viable solution that I am suggesting is to include the features that come standard with the p/c for prisoners with knowledge and experience may more efficiently prepare court documents. The most common mistake by prisoners in their motions, applications and petitions are legibility and handwritten errors. Moreover, the access to on-line docket information is useful. In my case I recently (2016) discovered that a sealed letter was not disclosed to me in my file; and, therefore, was never provided with my records or transcripts for appeal back in 2000. I had to get a court order to disclose the letter and it revealed a witness who wanted to testify at my trial concerning my actual innocence. The judge first said it was a mistake, but, does not say by whom. So, all these years I've wasted, not having access to digital information, petitioning the court for my freedom, the truth was always there. It was just being deliberately concealed from me. I intend to write more on the developments of this matter in the near future. As prisoners are at the bottom of society we have almost no way to express our needs; and disenfranchising us who are already being punished serves no criminal -justice purpose. It has no deterrent value. It punishes only in the most gratuitous and silently sadistic way. Dedekiah

Author: Dedekiah

Author Location: Florida

Date: July 6, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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