For members of the mobile society to possess any care or concern

Cooper, Gary



Gary Jonathan Cooper Maryland No Title For members of the mobile society to possess any care or concern for the treatment of the modernday prisoner existing within the penal systems across the country. They first must understand the secret society of the modernday prisons and all of its clandestine factors and agenda?s. In how and why they work and why do they exist. As well as people must understand that the care or desire to want to transform the design of the united states penal systems. Doesn?t have anything to do with possessing any sympathy or leniency for the prisoners inhabiting the prison environment in its essence. But combating the perpetuation of an on going epidemic that has been afflicting the united states evolution. With its social and humane treatment for all of its human citizens. To understand what it means to treat a humanbeing not in mass control theory, political ideologies, religious dogma, or racial or prejudicial ideals but in universal essence. With the clarity of equilibrium that governs all creatures with axioms and aphorisms of compassion and mercy. That can only be invoked through our true understanding of the cosmic laws of life. Our failure as human citizens to excel beyond this knowledge is detrimental to everyone functioning within these societal structures. (In the mobile and incarcerated). Prisons today only focus on the sole agenda of indoctrinating stereotypical hatred and misconceptions with not only it?s prisoners but it?s employees. These stereotypical indoctrinations in its proper terminology are called psychosis. Psychosis that aim to manipulate the intelligence or lack of, the fear, or need to survive in the struggling economy with maintaining the most easiest and simplest job to obtain. To subliminally coerce its employees into the perception that the essential rights of human encounter and human embrace is an illusion. When it?s applied to a prisoner because the two are seperate species. Their natural intrigue of social interaction no longer should exist. Nor should they respond to their God given right to respond to energetic allures (of personality or character) or to strive for higher heights to make something greater out of their lives. Because the prisoner is a glitch in life. A inconsistency to the universal God?s divine beauty of his creatures and the United States country patriotism of things that don?t belong. The prisoner is not real as a compatible person or man. He is indeed simply just a inmate. A liar, manipulator, scam artist, lunatic, philanderer, retard/imbecile and in society he is as well. Still a glitch and inconsistency to the civilize citizen in the law abiding societies in the country. So any energy or conscience that an employee may feel towards an prisoner with an allure, intrigue, or empathy isn?t anything more but a mere fantasy. The situations surrounding the mitigating circumstances of why one may have committed a crime, the age they were when they committed their crime, the self-defense factor, their racial ethnicity, the community and social class that they existed in along with the cultural customs, of survival, the lack of moral upbringing or even if they are truly innocent etc? Is all just a manipulative excuse and poses no substance to the prison employees that has been programmed to hate a prisoner just because once he is a inmate he is their enemy. Upon functioning in the penal system it?s an easy task for the employees to embrace the psychosis. Because of the fulfillment from the average idle citizen receives with ie:; the comraderie they feel from the sorority and fraternity structure with their co-workers; the egotistic boost that they receive in a world where they feel superior to a person that they believe are so dangerous and they have power over them because they control his pysiological needs; and the free range that they finally receive to release the untamed primal nature in human beings. To act out their sadistic desires with diplomatic immunity from the penalties of law and without being judged because their co-worker peers are indulging in the same demented and sadistic, torturous acts towards the prisoners. Because no-one really cares about what treatment a prisoner receives. It is also a opportunity for them to act out fantasies and hatred that many already had against another ethnic race in their own personal life with their prejudice and racism. These factors are all being ingeniously concealled behind the cloak that they are trouble maker inmates. This is a reality that should disgust members of society because it?s merely not about who the prison employees are doing it to, but what they are doing and what is possessing them to do it. And the fact that they possess no conscience after the fact and can sleep sound at night. The realistic revelation of the dual face that they possess means that the demonic jim crow mentality that is propelling them to act in such sadistic ways within the secret society. Makes them as literally as dangerous to function in society as the prisoners they are overseeing behind bars if not worse. Because it?s certain that this dual sadistic face is more than likely being concealed from their friends, wives, children, and community as well as the world. Prisons such as the Northbranch Correctional Inst. in Cumberland Maryland is literally the neo gautaunamo bay/ Abu-graiv and is the defining definition of one of the most racist prisons in the country. With the prison officials being 99.9% white americans and the inmates predominantly african americans. However the racist factor is highly relevent due to ethnic and cultural and social class community structure differences. But it is not the sole determining factor that keeps prison institution in high traffic for correctional officer brutality, homophobia, no programs that reward with transitioning out of the maximum security prison, fabricated category one rule violations (?which are the most severe category violations a prisoner can receive and the easiest to manipulate that can?t be proven otherwise. Such as a inmate threatening a officer, a assualt by way of alleging a inmate spit on a officer; a female alleging masturbation or etc??); and even subjugating their own female employees with fear and intimidation and not progressing in a high ranking position on their chain of command hierarchy. All to accomplish the goal of manipulating incidents, antagonizing, and creating incidents. To perpetuate the false propaganda to the media that this maximum security prison houses the worse of the worse to generate more funding, higher pay raises, more security equipment, and to just simply destroy the lives of prisoners who they believe have no value in life or right to be given a second chance. The hatred that the penal system employees possess for the prisoners is no longer or has never been just a thought. It is a combustible thought that is acted out with malevolence and ignited from any sign of resistence from subserviency or just simply a easy prey, or perfect opportunity. To manipulate a situation as if the prisoner is so irrational and unstable that he just contumaciously lashes out. Out of a predacious impulse and the employee was just innocently performing their job qualifications. On the contrary however. Citizens in society must realize that prisons are not environments where it should be the overseer?s responsibility to come to their place of ?employment? and implement unrealistic rules, measures, and barbaric ideals of prejudice and racism. To endeavor to make it their personal obligation to inconvenience and make a prisoner?s prison sentence anymore harder and miserable then what his current living conditions will naturally produce. Sensory deprivation is the element of punishment for imprisonment. The slaving down of ones social and perceptional functioning metabolism. To really see how precious every thing was that he gave up in life for a quick decision to commit a crime whether it was out of survival, malice, senseless or etc? The lost of control over ones pysiological needs, pleasures of intimacy, ability to create memories, spend time with family, provide for his loved ones, pursue his ambitions, being trapped in a environment where you are judged by the actions of the majority and not individuality, the constant survival for ones life etc? all are detrimental factors to ones mental and emotional stability. That will literally drive one insane. Prison is about one receiving introspective clarity to function more rational in life. Societies continued failure to realize this detrimental reality ignoring or endorsing the current trauma and torture of the modernday penal institutions across the country. Will only have an adverse effect that will become widespread with law enforcements inevitable institutionalization of the mobile society. Transcribed in 2017

Author: Cooper, Gary

Author Location: Maryland

Date: April 6, 2014

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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