Fraud, corruption, misappropriation of funds reported against the inspector general and C.D.C.R.

Pierce, Seavon



Title Fraud, Corruption, Misappropriation of Funds Reported Against the Inspector General and C.D.C.R. The crimes committed by employees of CDCR as criminal acts are swept under the rug by the associated public law enforcement oversight agencies without being investigated as criminal acts. The process of complaints that [allele?] a criminal act are rarely investigated and CDCR received millions of dollars for actions never conducted as mandated by law. Penal Code 148.6, 832.5, 6133, 6065 et. al., clearly identifies the right, the duty of law, and legal mandate to have each individual complaint filed investigated of the over 5k complaints filed each year. Over 5 million dollars each year is paid to the California Department of Corrections, Internal Affairs, California Office of Inspector General et. al., specifically to investigate complaints against employees of CDCR for investigations never conducted as mandated by law. Less than 100 of the 5k complaints are investigated leaving approximately 4 million dollars received by CDCR each year for the past ten years paying investigators to sit in their office. This 40 million dollars or so are misappropriated funds received by CDCR every ten years for a job never performed by CDCR et. al.. This evidence of fraud, corruption, the misappropriation of government funds by these governmental entities are now being reported to the Government Accountability Office, FBI etc. under the False Claims Act by Seavon Pierce who is now actively petitioning for investigations of active concealment of violations with federal judges of matters declared to be "Dirty Laundry" as only defined by violations that are not to be known by the public at (ten individual complaints filed on 6-5-20). 6-15-20 Seavon Pierce

Author: Pierce, Seavon

Author Location: California

Date: June 15, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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