Free internet access for all humans

Horton, Kemp



Free internet access for all humans should be a basic human right like freedom is. Then all humans can educate themselves for free with all free education courses out there- MOOC - Massive Open Online Courses. To pay for this put a small tax on all internet transactions - that will pay for buying the cell phone companies and for maintenance and upgrades. If the telecoms resist this just buy the smallest wireless company and the sales pitch is - look if you use our service when the investment and small interest is paid off we will give this company outright to the government then you will have free unlimited internet access forever. About everyone will immediately sign up for service - the stock price of the other cell phone companies will drop like a rock and can be bought up cheap. Then all cell towers can be relocated to federal - state - county - city - town - land so no royalties will be paid or rent paid to anyone. You can use this business plan in all countries to get control of cell phone bandwidth. There is no shortage of bandwidth if you combine all cell phone companies bandwidth into one unit. For internet use at home mandatory by law all buildings will be connected by fiber optic cable. All fiber optic cable will be owned in every part and way by the government then no private anyone can try to extort extra and excess fees for internet access as the private companies do now. The internet tax on all transactions shall be 10 percent more than total costs each year to pay for smart phones and tablets for poor people that cannot afford them and to invest in stocks with the long term goal of making a self sustaining fund for internet maintenance and upgrades. To connect all houses and buildings to fiber optic cable use the various robotic tunneling technologies - you can sell free internet access for all humans as a national security issue to USE - Europe for the more educated you ate the less religious nutcase you are generally. To learn how to write computer code for free. to learn any subject you want to know for free - MOOC - Massive Open Online Courses. Will educate you in any subject you do not need college. All have their courses online for free as do many other universities also EDX.ord. interesting stuff. microsoftschoolofthefuture. for will stuff - for social issues for music - For vote stuff - For health care stuff - rates how toxic products are. disability.goc. spritz - to read faster. Transcranial direct current stimulation - learn better. Transcranial alternating current stimulation - To control your dreams. Your local utility company will help you to buy new gas and electric appliances - solar panels - insulation - windows - no income limits. will also help you buy stuff for $15,000 dollars for free to fix up your house - 602-687-2949 For free house cooling. 1-800-FEDINFO. - to protest laws and comment on laws up for vote. Free info-1-800-2CHACHA. 1-800-GOOG411. For financial stuff. Audio books from USA gov-1-888-657-READ to contribute to science. zoonuniverse. IBM-boisk(?)-project. - pays money to solve problems. for tech to jobs - to start your own business. - to read faster.

Author: Horton, Kemp

Author Location: Arizona

Date: October 15, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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