Fresh breeze

Carroll, Richard W.



Fresh Breeze A Leviathan tyrin to apprehend, Ones whole mind again, Even though it's hard headed porcelain. ...tries to be your companion, This band of legion demons, Forging weapons against and then, Using the same styled regimen. Break in then spread the poison, Modern day garden of eden, But here in lies the comparison. ...was stripped of freedom, Feeling the shame of a heathen, To catch ones own breathin, Freezin on nothin but thievin. So now in treating the villain, Beating up oneself so vehement. Incapacitate the behemoth dissipate, Without a drug in the body, Once could no longer hallucinate. Everything now was real, No matter how inconceivable, Salivation over evil not keneval. Ones in the fatal, Stuck in a vehicle. Having to deal with priorities, In the shape of a pretzel, Double daring the devil. Ones life was his to embezzle, Attempt to mane cripple or kill, Was his influence when one, Fell asleep at the wheel. Clenched fist slammin the table, White knuckles in anger normal, Veins in muscles. Mark my words Hansel and Gretel, What one feels is better received, In a trash receptacle. Cuz at least it doesn't give back, Handfuls of bull like people, Who think of mental maniacal scoundrel, The scandals strangles. Where is your Bible? Least ones brain explodes. Shrapnel, careful, the middle organ, In the chest is carnal. Like sand to scandals, Or stipes to bengals, Fetch a scalpel, Cause he's loosing control. A minuscule imma speck of dust, A granule. Life isn't fair and even less, Like a carnival, A principal within a bigger picture. In pixels, invisible principalities, Surrounding be, leaving he, Without a guardian angel, Or so it seems. But looking stable on the surface, When courage emerges with firmness verses, A lack of resurgence, Leaned this still languish disperses. Out of the larynx, Up against a dangerous artist, And clairvoyance stop,... Moment of silence, drop..., Been through a moment of loss, Of interest a mood switch, The imprints, a mind drop. Only steps in inches, Role playing genius, Jedi with illusionary mind tricks. So now what lets get it, No more tricks or kibble or bits, Time to get down with the get down, Know who and of whom you are, On loan from the heaven above, And sent to you with much love. Your now driving this car.

Author: Carroll, Richard W.

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: April 29, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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