From leaf to parchment: Perspectives on social reform inside the American prison industrial complex

Burley, Keith L., Jr.



1 FROM LEAF TO PARCHMENT: Perspectives on Social Reform Inside The American Prison Industrial Complex There has always been malleable change in corrections, an evolutionary growth from punishments to rehabilitation, from wardens to superintendents; from correctional facilities to institutions. The change is subtle and often goes unnoticed even to those who've proposed and promoted the statutes which gave birth to these changes. My primary aim in this missive is to give you a glimpse at the character of corrections. The media portrays a "face" of prison which is accentuated by ficticious false portrayals in television shows which are more deceptive than they are informative. I am on the inside and so will make this letter a sort of figurative SONOGRAM so you can see what's growing inside the Belly of the Beast. 2 Truly the policy makers are akin to contemporary frankensteins who inadvertently cause the negative pathology they intended to check, curb, and restrain - so the Beast spawns it's species: "Beasts". To be more clear, there are a wide range of metaphorical incubators which serve to keep prisoners "alive", pseudo freedoms where probation and parole, the Double-edge sword keeps them psychologically connected to a cell. The analogies are important as examples give visual definitions and descriptions inherently necessary to grasp a general understanding and benefit of what "this" is. I have given you it's internal organs. This letter a sort of autopsy on mass incarceration. 3 Were we to view corrections as a societal "shirt', prison is that shirt turned inside out. it forces the society to view themselves in the mirrors of their fellow beings. This society within a society is only a reflection of where we came from, as prison is the miniature version of outside worlds. Everyone in prison came from where you are. Imagine, they've legalized a toxic that impairs judgement, causes divorce, has may adverse effects on the mind body and soul, alcohol, one example of allowance and then punish for behaviors the government knows it will cause - my point is that there is no such thing as a "casual" drink, but there are "causative" drinks. And people do become more reprehensible when they give bad deeds a good name as had been said by a wise mind. 4 In order for the inside to change the outside must change. People complain about human rights yet theyve turned a blind eye to the rights of the creator whose right is to be worshipped alone. The legislation in the times of Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad are legislations in conformity with our nature and DO NOT conflict with our dispositions that are Natural. On the other hand are policies innovated and based on division, a tug-o-war between Democrats, Republicans, liberals, conservatives which only is each putting their opinions in a pot, a sort of experimental gumbo! Anytime you have to build even one more prison, then something isn't working. 5 This is primarily due to the pecuniary aspect of the prison industrial complex - this industry needs prisoners to use as coins to place in their slot machines - tokens in this amusement park of prison. To destroy all prisons and let all prisoners loose is not the solution either. The solution is correct belief in the all-mighty GOD who created us, and the balance, middle course of action HE HAS legislated. The true ISLAM from Time Immemorial back to our father ADAM. Traversing the path of Jesus and his disciples, Mary, All the prophets and messengers and their pious predecessors and followers whom never claimed DIVINITY for themselves. 6 How many prisons existed during the time of Noah? Abraham? Moses? Jesus? Muhammad? The prophet Joseph was inside one prison. It doesn't always take a prison to reform! There are many ulternatives! Jonah was in the belly of a whale and exited better than he entered. at this time, time limitations have been imposed on my pen. I am filing a writ of Habeas Corpus in State Court, and from among my arguments are that the exigent circumstances created by COVID-19 also created due process concerns, as prison has now evolved into a potential death trap. There are 6 active cases here at the S.C.I Forest. So my being at home on house arrest as a pre-trial detainee is more conducive to my overall health. Written By: Keith Lamont Burley JR. Keith Burley Jr. 12/3/20

Author: Burley, Keith L., Jr.

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: December 3, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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