From times immemorial up to

Riley, C. T.



By Clinton Troy Riley IN From times immemorial up to this present, the coven of the ill intended have been set afire and consumed by the mad pursuits of egregious endeavors cloaked under shadows of ambiguity. This is how they make them appear replete with the legitimacy for the good, safety & security of the public. Such is the case in crafting bad laws. When viewed under the scope of moral & rational examination it is overtly discovered that the affected rights being deprived as a result are/is an effect of the viciousness associated with bad laws. The reality of this is the very light exposing hidden agendas that empowers, politically & monetarily the creators of them (bad laws). This empowerment makes the ill intended feel superficially gratified & glorified, deriving its source in cult like tendencies compelling them to hungrily drink the blood, sweat and tears of those in their grasp; as they compete for & divide our limbs among themselves. This rite of passage binds the ill intended, one to another as they share in the knowledge of their crimes.....pledging them to silence & even justification. These rituals performed in the courtrooms & governmental chambers are synonymous to those espoused by many other infamous leaders of murderous & oppressive regimes that have also exploited, marketed & trafficked mass groves of people for warehousing & annihilation while simultaneously adopting contingent aims to propagandize through legislation (to the public) a plausible reason for subjugating many such as myself to modernized slavery, via wrongful & unconstitutional imprisonments well past a court prescribed sentence. The collective & unnameable passions that drive the ill intended to devise & support such a scheme is akin to the acrobatics of a prostitute plagued by an unfulfilled urge, giving birth to the deception of an con artist, with the appetite of a cannibal possessing the self righteousness of a terrorist for which all share the curse of a forked tongue speaking blasphemy in an attempt to rationalize away their crimes under a garb of hypocrisy, hoping to conceal their own hell & death from themselves, and others. The ill intended are the progeny of the fruit of the poisonous tree, for which all greed, hate, poverty, injustice, war, oppression & despair is sustained & propagated through their existence out into society as a whole. They are the benefactors of the proliferation of crime in all its embryonic forms. In this way privatization & contracts unite in unholy matrimony to generate more revenue supplanted by more bizarre, stringent and ambiguous legislation being created with oversight being bequeathed upon the apathetic, ill-informed and the lobbyist whom have monetary stake in the privatization of the prison industrial complex's programs that serve covert agendas: Such as Indiana's Somm/Insomm scheme scam sex program. I have witnessed & experienced this first hand the effects of bad laws, overtly evident in the results. The gist of it all is the modus operandi & the grand goal that facilitates parolees being expedited back to prison while simultaneously prohibiting a prisoner's release at the conclusion of an court appointed sentence for technical reasons, created & interpreted by all those whom support & share motives, opportunities & methods devoid of actual concerns for rehabilitation & public safety. To all the ill intended... take a bow! You have created a license for yourselves to violate the rights of prisoners and parolees while making it appear otherwise by knowing & creating (legislating) all the angles rigged in your favor. The truth needs no alibi.

Author: Riley, C. T.

Author Location: Indiana

Date: August 14, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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