Frozen in time

Brownell, Charles A.



Frozen In Time FD P1 In the three years of incarceration suffered so far, many observations have been made and stand true. Everyone who becomes incarcerated are frozen at that exact moment and time they're locked up by the system. Unfortunatly, many become stuck at that exact age and on the crime they were put in prison for and mentally the outside world never changes to them either. Most do finally get past the crime and blame to accept they're in prison and while in prison, there's nothing they can do to stand up for, protect, or defend themselves. Sadly, no matter what, they're still mentally frozen in the time they were first incarcerated. Then, as time goes by, the mental and emotional damages of prison set in and it changes them. Today is Christmas December 25th, 2019 (Wednesday) and December 27th, 2019 (Friday) marks three years of incarceration into the system and observations. The damages already well set in... The mental damages done in the three years is staggering at best so it's hard to imagine 20 or 40 plus years of this hell of abuse and torture. One year does a lot of damage but to be forced to suffer the abuse, torment, and torture knowing you can't or won't ever get out of it. This is why the long timers and lifers become so dangerous as with time they become forgotten, no friends, no family, nothing to lose, and they've lost all reason to care. Imagine being forcefully caged up against your will, attacked, abused, beaten, tormented, and tortured and having to watch all this happen to others for 20 plus straight years! Who would you become and what would you do? Many of the men observed have been incarcerated since the ages of 17 to 21 and have little to no experience in living life in the real world, the "free" world and have probably never held P2 down a real job or paid taxes. So much of that young arrogance and mentality stays with them as they age in prison because they never grew up to maturity in real society. Combine that with years of dealing with sadistic assholes both prison staff and other inmates and this causes them to become hardened, egocentric with a driving need to "prove" themselves, arrogant, and know it all assholes themselves. Worse is that they are convinced they're great, amazing, and knowledgeable people, when they're so egotistical that they try to argue about information and life in the real world with newcomer short timers that are experts in areas and/or just came out of the real world and know what life out there is really like and about and have been in that world for years. These long timers get into their feelings and get mad easily when proven wrong and they do not take advice or constructive criticism well at all...usually ending up with them wanting to fight and/or kill a person to assert their dominance. These people are that seriously damaged by the system. What is sad, these "long timers" unlike "life without (lifers)" or "extreme sentences" (100+ years) will get out and the system has happily damaged them but has done nothing to truly prep these arrogant assholes for life in the real world or "The Fast Lane"... This is not as bad an issue for those who were incarcerated in their 30's or 40's who grew up and matured in the real world, but it does happen just as some that were locked up young do grow up and mature very well, ready to go back into society...but these are very rare! These arrogant long timers even have the nerve to think no one else can know as much or what they do about doing time and Frozen In Time FD P3 being incarcerated. When a short timer does know something then these asshole long timers then ask "How long have you been in prison?" as if this justifies their viewpoint. If there is something you need, their answer is to hustle for it or go steal it. These long time inmates know no friends. These assholes will call you "friend", use you and as long as you serve them some purpose, great, if not and they get into some trouble, burn or ditch you in a heartbeat to save themselves. You cannot trust or deal with these people. Long timers that were incarcerated young have little to no people or social skills and do not deal well with conflict. Most conflicts lead to an argument or fight and since they're so sure they know everything they want to argue about everything to show off and act dominant when they're actually proving their ignorant and weak. In many cases, they'll try to argue or start a fight to attempt to maintain their "percieved" dominance know as the "Little Dog Syndrome". These people are very mentally and emotionally damaged and weak individuals. But they do have a wealth of knowledge of the daily functions of prison and prison life. Just be careful as most "claim" to know so much but don't actually know anything especially law and legality...even if they worked as a law library clerk as these are untrained people who only look up and print info or premade forms. Very few actually know the law. Take everything these people say with a grain of salt. Sadly, in observing nearly 100 men like this, all but one had these exact personality traits and characteristics and that "one" was 37 when he was locked up on a 50 year sentence and was 62 at the time of interview and he is an "extreme sentence" individual who has a chance for parole at 74...a "long timer". These statistics are both P4 horrifying and bad because many of these men are near going home to the real world and 98% of them will be back very soon because 100% of them are not ready for life in the fast lane or today's society. They're going to treat free world people the same way they do inmates and thus will not be able to hold down a job and the first fight will be new charges and prison time. Some will become either murderers, or sex offenders and many will have aggravated assault or assault and battery charges of some sort. The saddest will be the saddest part will be the falsely made sex offenders due to touching a woman's butt or pissin' off the wrong woman that know he's a felon and makes a false report just to get rid of them because yes, this does happen and far more than anyone will admit. These assholes must learn to adapt and integrate to the technology, the very different work force, and the very different people and society. Many won't be able to and will go back to prison or commit suicide. Some will make it. The world is not what it was when these people were incarcerated and states like Arkansas do nothing to prep inmates nor integrate them to today's society, social norms, technology they've been cut off from, nor work force. The world kept going while the mentally and emotionally damaged mass incarcerated inmates are frozen in time.

Author: Brownell, Charles A.

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: January 29, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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