Gangstas lifestyle

Harris, Dewayne L.



Gangstas Lifestyle What it about "gangsta lifestyle" that's so alluring and enticing, that draws and pulls so many youths to commit their lives to a world of disorder and destruction? That compels them to defy their parents? That enables them to become disrespectful and belligerent towards those that care about them? How can it so easily steal youth from normal lives, involving them in a path criminal activities, alcohol and drug use? What does it possess that makes it a very powerful magnet? What does the real membership provide that inclines and disposes Black youths to sell their lives to death corners or incarceration? It's a fascinating and addictive lifestyle unlike any other; it impairs their better judgment. A lifestyle that places them in a real fantasy world and tell them "this is good." A gangsta lifestyle that robs them of all of the other luxuries life has to offer, which they will never know or discover. A gangsta lifestyle that convinces and obligates them to place homeboys and street corners neighborhood before family and lady friends. They come to believe that your homeboys are your real family and that they will always be there - loyalty - all the way through. A bond that no one can break. You'll find out very quickly about that loyalty when they go to jail or prison. It's regrettable how you'll defy those who truly do love you. You pay no mind to their sound advice and pleas in an attempt to set you straight. Those voices will haunt you over and over again when you're sitting in North America prison or laying in a hospital after being severely beaten, stabbed or shot. They be wishing that they had taken heed of those who cared enough to take the time to talk to them. Such a strong force it is that it enable them to put their life on the line for a street corner or a neighborhood block. A force that causes them to possibly kill another of your own, resulting in life sentence without parole imprisonment. Let me say this young brothers: for many, their "environment" destinies them gang life, for perhaps their whole life. Some even do find the loyalty and camaraderie they desire, that they otherwise would have lacked. Some even go on to live normal lives. That's a low percentage, though. It's not worth the chance for those who are drawn to this life who are not born into that environment. Somehow, it finds them and inevitably secures its spell as with the others. They come from good African American homes and unknowingly are prepared to give that up for their newfound passion. An unpleasant path of danger. I'll tell them what's so alluring and enticing about gang life: the feeling of acceptance them attain, the feeling that you belong to something, that they're not judged by how look, where they come from, or your economic position. You get protection, you attain a unique adrenaline feeling of superiority over everyone else, because they have they homeboys at your disposal, a newfound respect that you never experienced before. It ultimately becomes exciting to break the law, defying the police. A rush you can't get anywhere else. All these factors that I have described are the reasons behind its success. Youth are guaranteed these essential needs of life within a gang. It's sad, but it's true. Gangstas gang culture is a development of many, many years. Our own ancestors killed each other over the same things we do know: territory and real power. How do they eradicate this pattern that affects so many? Come along and join the many who have attempted to devise a solution. Is there one? Miu Khalil Shabazz Muhammed Mr Dewayne Lee Harris [ID #]

Author: Harris, Dewayne L.

Author Location: Washington

Date: July 2, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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