God against the death penalty

Mitten, Cody



God Against The Death Penalty by Cody Mitten My case could of included the death penalty but my mental illness was the key factor as far as why the state did not seek it. I hope my article moves people in the right direction -- we are a nation under one God. God Against The Death Penalty What would God say about the death penalty? He would forbid it. Why you might ask. It is not 100% accurate. An innocent woman or man, wrongly convicted could be swept under the rug to create an eyesore in God's eye (Exodus 23:7 --Do:not put an innocent person to death, for I will condem anyone: who does such an evil thing (or) Deuteronomy. 19:19 - If you have made a false accusation, you are to receive the punishment the accused would of have received). Why would I make such a statement. What authority or right do I have to speak for God. To look in the Holy. Bible, you will find in Genesis 18:20-32, God speaking to Abraham about the city of Sodom. Abraham is feeling uneasy about the Lord's plan to destroy innocent lives with the guilty. God assures Abraham that no innocent lives will be taken even if there are "only ten people" who are innocent of sin. Can we honestly say there is not one person sitting on death row who is not truly innocent of the sin of murder for which they were convicted of in a Court of Law? Headlines have been made of people who were exonerated due to DNA testing or faulty testimony by witnesses whom later recanted. Here was Abraham, a mere mortal, like you and I, questioning God about this plan. God sent two angels (Genesis 19:1, 19:12) to, Sodom to evacuate all the innocent. Our judicial system is by no means perfect. Should we not be God-like and see to it that no inmocent person is put to death on the account of the judicial system pertaining to capital punishment not being foolproof. Innocent people are dying on death row and we have the power and means to terminate the killings of innocents.

Author: Mitten, Cody

Author Location: Texas

Date: 2021

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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