God engineering love campaign

Borden, Chavelo



Minister Chavelo Borden N.Y. American Prison Writing Archive APWA c/o Hamilton College 198 College Hill Road Clinton, N.Y. 13323-1218 Re: God Engineering Love Campaign Dear A.P.W.A, My name is Chavelo Borden (Minister) & I am the Minister for Unity of United Separation Ministry. I'm reaching out to you due to many requests from the prisoners of this facility to do so pertaining to our God Engineering Love Campaign. For the last 90 days many networks, congregations, & even organizations nationally have been reached out to for involvement in setting up God Engineering Love Campaigns nationally. Much difficulty has been faced & challenged. For the most part, the administration of Attica Correctional Facility has investigated our out-going mail, written false dispositions against prisoners, & even made threats against the continuance of this campaign. "Still, God provides & aids in our doings of His will not ours be done." Here @ Attica, there has been many disputes & created situations for which are created to keep prisoners in a state of failure. The assaults, cuttings, & even disregard for human life has been promoted by the correctional staff of this facility. The fear of the past Attica riot of 71 has placed prisoners in disability conditions. For His purpose, the God Engineering Love Campaign has been established to further deter the hatred stigma for which the prison culture seems to gravitate to. Love is natural. Hate is unnatural! To date, 350+ national organizations have been written to in additions to receiving a box of 1,000 bookmarks. For many prisoners nationally, programs of substance are close to non-existent. The staff are also so methodical that capricious & arbitrary actions many times cause prisoners to be removed from programs that may aid them. This truly is the cause for a fast recycle of programs such as A.R.T., A.S.A.T. & etcetra. When prisoners became involved in the God Engineering Love Campaign they actually placed their skills & talents to work. In order to obtain necessary postage for the growth, development, & continuance of this campaign, many have made greeting cards by hand written poetry, & even utilized their minute forms of state payment for which on many occasions amount to $8.00 & less. Many of us have no support systems or family to turn to in hopes of building upon establishing a positive legacy that can & will show that prisoners in New York State & abroad are still human no matter their jail term &/or prison sentence. As of this moment I amongst many prisoners within N.Y.S.D.O.C.C.S. are seeking further aid, guidance, direction, & support necessary to build upon the God Engineering Love Campaign. I can be reached @ the following info: Minister Chavelo Borden N.Y. Bro Arlee Daniels of the Buffalo, N.Y. Stop The Violence Coalition can be reached @: Bro. Arlee Daniels 1370 William Street Buffalo, N.Y. 14202 Together United Separation Ministry & The Stop The Violence Coalition @ Buffalo N.Y. are building upon the means to promote peace & love nationally. In solidarity Minister Chavelo Borden

Author: Borden, Chavelo

Author Location: New York

Date: July 5, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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