God’s essential purpose

Balmer, Christopher



God’s Essential Purpose When human beings go against God’s essential purpose, they have decided to disregard God. We as Christians should never allow someone else’s evil to make our choices for us. Jesus walked this earth, never allowing the devil to control his decisions. Each and every temptation that was cast his way, Jesus stayed pure in following his essential purpose. The life of Jesus displays the meanings of life, providing all Christians with an idea of how they should handle certain difficulties that make their way into their lives. Today, Christianity has faded away from many human beings. No longer do they make a decision based on Christian ethics. Instead, they make a decision solely on how the majority of Americans would make their decisions, which in my eyes is incorrect simply because the majority of Americans rarely even turn to the Bible to find scripture as a guide for their decision-making. One of the greatest examples for the need of Church revival was during a period called the First Great Awakening. In the 1720s, the movement of God had begun among the Dutch Reformed churches. Theodore Frelinghuysen (1691-1748) was a minister in New Jersey. He preached moral purity and expressed the necessity for the commitment to Christ. Even in history, we as Christians can recognize that Church revival has been a main goal for hundreds of years. However, common sense shows that the only way our Church will be able to revive itself from all the attacks from other worldviews that have down-graded Christianity is by reforming our beliefs. Church revival is impossible until we as Christians decide to develop basic methods that allow us to recognize which worldviews attack Christianity. When we as Christians do this, we can learn to properly defend our religious belief system which assists ourselves as well as others continue spreading the word of God. Going on offense spreading the word of God attracts some people to embrace Christianity. However, defending our religion attracts millions who view our strength to defend Christ. At this present moment, Christianity as a worldview has been slowly turning away from our thought process. Christianity is more so a way of thinking as well as a personal connection with God by and through the faith in Jesus Christ. It is virtually impossible to have a personal connection with God by not having a Christian worldview. If your thinking is not aligned with your intended purpose, you cannot properly have a personal connection with God. Christians are faced a lot of the time with answering the most penetrating questions during their lifetime. Biblical scripture is the only true answer. This is why we as Christians should turn to genuine biblical Christianity for the answers to questions far too difficult for humans to answer. This is why I stress that our thoughts about a certain situation must align with how God would wish for you and I to handle a particular issue brought before us. The Church has always wrestled with how we as Christians should view and interpret scripture from the Bible. Many times we as Christians ask “What does scripture teach?” Because of this one simple question, many people look at the words revealed to them by God too much in depth, attempting to locate a meaning hiding underneath the surface of the scriptures. When we do this we sometimes miss the meaning of God’s words. The Bible is our guide to Christian ethics, life problems and personal difficulties. God’s words are pure and should not ever be changed or twisted to mean what we want them to mean. When God made his revelations to Paul, God intended for Paul to reveal his words as they were told to him, not in a way that Paul thought God meant by his revelation. If this was the case and God intended to allow Paul to make his own interpretation of his words, the Bible would be a book revealed by Paul, not God. Since the Bible is God’s word and is the main religious foundation of biblical Christianity, God’s words revealed to Paul were pure and Paul never used his own interpretation to reveal God’s word to the world. The Bible is our shield and our knight in shining armor. The many passages that fill the Bible provide us with a roadmap to what roads Christians should follow in order to reach the Gates of Heaven. We as Christians should follow the Bible just as the Bible states. We should use these words to apply them to our lives where they fit the circumstance, not how we want scripture to apply in our lives. I thank all of the readers who have decided to give an open ear to my words and taking the time to listen to my thoughts. I, as a Christian, am still an infant to the Christian faith. I have a lot to learn and many more years to build a closer relationship with God, the same as we all do in this day and age. I want to direct the readers of this article to read two fine books called “Exploring Church History” by James P. Eckman and “Rediscover Catholicism” by Matthew Kelly. These two books are phenomenal. They explore and promote God’s existential purpose, both through history and rediscovering who we are and where we all need to be as Christians. God bless all of you and I pray that all individuals wishing to come closer to God will flourish in their walk of faith. “Give instruction to a wise man and he will be yet wiser: Teach a just man and he will increase in learning.” (Proverbs 9:9)

Author: Balmer, Christopher

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: 2012

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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