Going home: A queer oddyssey

Oguntodu, Joseph



Iowa Park, TX 76367 11/21/2017 Going Home: A Queer Odyssey Before I write, I want to thank the queer community for being out and proud. There are people that need you now. Our President is promoting an extreme supremacist agenda. Who done elect this President. I [illegible] 9/1/2020 and will raise money to have the man defeated. What Democrat will take him on? Maybe the Republicans mufit have a challenger. Notice that the Republicans are either retiring or not seeking re-election. I do want to read Donna Brazile's Hacked. I feel that secretly he's been hacked. I have been incarcerated for over 7 years. I never lived in the closet during that time. I was secretly sexually assaulted in kitchen scullery (dishroom) Sept 13, 2017. It was very difficult to go through this. Office of Inspector General Jason Chapman have the nerve to side with the aggressor. He did a 12 page report and there was a lot of kitchen workers fired — the blacks have threatened to kill me believing me a snitch, that all I know how to do well is provide oral sex, making the black race look weak. After all these years of dealing with an anit-queer administration that doesn't want to lift a finger, it is time for Lambda Legal, ACLU and everyone to step in. Money will come upon my release. I will have to file for disability/SSI benefits due to the traumatization. Please see Johnson v Johnson 785 F3d 503. I want to tell the LGBTQI persons viewing my story to look at it with a queer perspective. Kevin Spacey was accused of sexual assault. Some of the queer outlets turned their back on him. What will Kevin Spacey do? We must succeed on purpose as one queer nation created for and by queers. We cannot sit down. That's why I want to launch a queer network. QNN Queer New Network — just like CNN. We need opportunities to grow and thrive. On Allred unit many say "I can't be queer. I hid it down because people will find out and use it against you. PREA has been a wedge issue in prisons. Opponents say that it hurts queer than it helps. Others say PREA/Safe Prison saved a lot of people. Why so many [illegible]? We are wasting taxpayer money. Texas is at a shortfall. Quit backing Republicans. Republicans will turn the clock back and promote the slave mentality. As a black queer I want the police departments across our nation to hire and [buy?] queer people. We will fix the lockups. In TDCJ there hasn't been a LGBTQI warden, mayor or captain. Many are scared to move up the ladder because the far right will oust them. Deal or No Deal. Why is there no queer law library staff, mailroom supervisor, grievance, maintenance, etc. Add sexual orientation/gender identity to your PD22 - Employee Handbook. You will see more queer people work for TDCJ. Out of the queer community, lesbians are signing up. Some may have faced persecution especially if you are a lesbian of color. For me I used to work at Dallas Counter Community Supervision and Corrections Department as a urinary analysis tech. I got fired Nov 4, 2008 because I violated company policy by not reporting my crime after it happened. Where will I go? Maybe operate a bath house, a queer halfway house, pastor a fledgling queer congregation, write grants. What can a queer felon do you might ask? Being a felon is difficult. Society will judge you. On Saturday I went to KAIROS. One of the volunteers look at us with a blind eye. Many don't want to help. Why is KAIROS in existence then? Chaplains don't want to support inmates. They lead them the wrong path because they are scared. This is why I want to go back into administration and do better than what the staff did. I do plan on visiting prisons/jails and trying to do reports for classes. The outside need to be abreast. You can't hide your secrets. Trump get ready not to be re-elected. Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Tammy Saldara and others will run against you. Mike Pense you had did a disservice to the people in Indiana under your watch. You ought to be ashamed. Attorney General Jeff Sessions you support slavery. You might have a scandal just like Judge Roy Moore. Alabama need to get off the slavery mentality and elect grassroots Democrats willing to clean up the mess. I am glad the media is exposing Roy Moore. It need to expose Betsy Devos and the cabinet. This is T = Terrible administration. At your holiday parties please remember the queerlings who are not at the table. I will be home for Thanksgiving/Christmas in 2020. You can count on me. I want to finish my scholastic education. A queer mind is a terrible thing to waste. I will not sit down. I wrote to many places seeking advocacy and help. I hope that the end of 2017 will be better for me and other queerlings. I can't wait to get into the classroom, read books, go on the Internet, etc. I haven't flown in almost 10 years. I hope to go on a queer cruise. It will be exciting. My goal is to keep writing daily. It is therapy for me. I can't wait to get back involved with Toastmasters. Not many queerlings wanted Toastmasters. Some are advocates. Others just are trying to do time. They are part of the community. Many want to be with a gang member for protection. American Music Awards was ok. Diana Ross' daughter Tracie was the emcee. It was good. She act just like her. The group Imagine Dragons mentioned support of the LGBTQI community. I hope to see more queer musicians in my lifetime. I have tried different areas in order to fit in. I still have a purpose to rise up. I am trying to look my best daily. I been dealing with abdominal cramps. Certain food is the chow hall has made my stomach act up. They don't know how to properly cook the food. They violate company policy by showing more favoritism to staff instead of feeding everyone freshly prepared meals. They are not millionaires. They won't pay. We lost Della Reese at age 86. She wrote to me while I was on Robertson Unit. She sent me a book/wrote an encouraging letter. Rest in peace Della Reese-Lett. They brought up Charlie Rose for sexual harassment and he's suspended from CBS Morning News. Our world is changing constantly. As 2017 comes to a close and 2018 begins may we have a sense of hope and as I am going home I hope to have a queer odyssey gone in the right direction. May you be empowered to do the right thing. I love you all. Joseph Ogintodu

Author: Oguntodu, Joseph

Author Location: Texas

Date: June 15, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 5 pages

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