Gone and forgotten in the uncivilized world

Undercover Soldier



"Gone and Forgotten In the Uncivilized World" The system can be very inhumane, and what you don't know can hurt you. The jail's and jailer's District Attorney's all work togther. There is no structure and often the place makes someone feel like their feet have been yanked out from underneeth them. The system does use a inconstitutional power to manipulate for conviction's. It's degrading the way the system does use mock torture. Then constituates coercion's through impulses. I'am currently serving a life sentence with parole for 1st degree murder. Im hear to tell you like this. Who is montering the monter's. From Bowie c/o my hometown of Texarkana. Up until only a couple of year's back that question's answer was nobody right no-one. The system has violated my constitutional rights the 8th and 14th amendment often and has even worked corruption of blood for conviction's. To make one feel helpless, and like there is no where to turn for help. Like a Deadend. Like the only option is to [sighn?] this is the politic's and they use their leverage. My reputation has been made to be the "Lone Nut". Just like Jesse Ventura goes into detail about his conspiracies theories. It's quiet coincedental how the Ex-Governor of Texas Rick Perry has been indicteded for constituated coercion's. I was set-up by a consipary a political conspiracy. I was held captive like some kind of prisoner of war. Never agiants an accused have more overwelming irregulations been commited. I as the defendant have been denied even a look at the indictment until after 3 years of incarceration. As the accused I have been held in solitary confinement, and had cruel and unusual punishment inflicked. I have been shut away from the law library in violation of every legal and human consideration. I have been deprived of good legal advise and manipulated into playing their "Lone-Nut" Role that goes along with their plot. The Bar Association of Texarkana, TX appointed an incompetent jurist with a conflicting conflict of intrest. I consider it essential to explain at the outset the reason for the relentless isolation to which I have have been subjected. What the motive was for keeping me silent. What prompted the plot to kill me. A plot to wich the court is familiar. What grave facts are being hidden from the people. An the secret behind all the strange things that have taken place during this trail. All this I propose to do with the utmost clarity. The courts and media have publicly called this case as being high-profile. If they sincerly believed so they should not have allowed the trail to be degraded time after time by the flouting of their authority. While I the defendant was under arrest for many years while suffering all kinds of outrage and abuse in the chambers of the repressive organization I the defendant now have endured the most cruel the most inhumane oppression in the last two decades. The defense counsel devised a plan to eliminate me from the trail and proceded to do so by not presenting my evidence favorable to the defense. Also by not doing simple internet research, that proved male-practice and reeked of political violence and corruption involving state officials. It's relvent and coincedental also on the contrary of the State that the Ex-Governor has been indicted on charges of constituating coercions. And abusing the power of office to use the veto to cover up the corruption involving State officals. The repressive organization kept me away from the trail by open & shamless incomptent to stand trail when really I was deprieved of competent assistance of counsel. As the evidence presents itself, and also as things progress roles will and have been reversed those who came to accuse will find themselve's accussed. Their lust for power. My medical records from two emergency rooms prove of male-practice. One of my book in pictures I was losing consiousness. My eyes where rolling in the back of my head. All this can be seen in the Texarkana Gazette. The incompetent counsel never presented my medical records until two weeks before trail. Also in the Texarkana Gazette an article states, and headlines Strickland says no to plea for life will face jury trail. Then the day of trail. My appointed jurisits used cutting edge leverage for the prosecutor's to work a conviction. It was an involuntary plea, for one the State used the length death penalty for leverage. Then with held my evidence so I couldnt find a attorney. Also my counsel explained in the motion to change the venue that everything had been in I the defendants favor. The exact words were, specifically: there has been extensive local media coverage, creating influences in favor of the accused. Further the alleged victim in this case was a Bowie County, Texas Deputy. This is absurd, inadequet, deficent, and causing prejudice. It's unethical, and male-practice from the appointed attorney. Its also proving he wanted I the defendant to lose. Also it's one thing for correctional officers to by harded by their superior's, and to disregard compassion treat inmates as if the inmates are connected to a criminal enterprise. Then it's another for them to have the Superiors willing to go down and take the fall for their corruption. So now the question is who are connected to the criminal enterprise. As of now eyes maybe opened to see that the roles have been reversed those who came to accuse are finding themselves accused, and pulling political strings to cover up the corruption. All for their lust of power. The End.

Author: Undercover Soldier

Author Location: Texas

Date: October 19, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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