Governor fires prison officials, my civil rights lawsuit legal mail stalled, but I’m still intrepid

Bell, Shane



7/31/2021 Governor Fires Prison Officials, My Civil Rights Lawsuit Legal mail stalled, but I'm still INTREPID On Tuesday, July 13th 2021, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem suspended Mike Leidholt. On Thursday, July 15th the Governor fire Warden Darin Young, Deputy Warden Jennifer Dreiske following a letter sent anonymously that complained that, supervising correctional officers were allowed to sexually harass employees and that attempts to report it were ignored and that led to retaliation. On Thursday Governor Noem suspended Stefany Bowek also who was the director of Pheasantland Industries, which is a prisoner work program. With what has happened the last few weeks and the governor stating that there are still on-going investigations going on, the prison staff are worried that they may be held accountable for their unconstitutional actions, news will get out. There is alot of focus now on the South Dakota Department of Corrections and all the problems with the prisons that have been allowed and complaints ignored for years, decades. This is the perfect time to file my complaint for Violation of Civil Rights in a federal court, but the prison staff and administration have done alot to stall, intimidate, or possible stop my access to Courts. On Monday July 19th 2021 I took the day off from work to finish my 1983 civil rights complaint, make legal copies, and mail documents to the Clerk of Courts. I was told by unit coordinator that she would call me down to do the legal things. She told me 2pm, then before 3pm, then she left. I tried all week to get legal mail sent out and was ignored. I sent 2 kites to unit coordinator, 1 to the Unit Manager, spoke to 2 different unit coordinators, I even sent 2 kites to the NEW Warden and got no response. On Monday, July 26th I was called to the office of the Unit Manager to make legal copies and send out legal mail. When the Unit Manager saw the paperwork, he told me to come back after work and we would make copies and send out legal work to court, of course the Unit Manager was gone when I got back from work. It appears that the prison administration and its employees don't want me to send my 1983 civil rights complaint to court and the negative public publicity it may cause, especially with the recent firings of the warden and deputy warden and on-going investigations statement from the governor. I am INTREPID and will continue to fight for my civil rights, which is a couragious and dangerous thing to do against the SDDOC.

Author: Bell, Shane

Author Location: South Dakota

Date: July 31, 2021

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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