Greetings from this side of the wall

X, Chris



Dear Reader(s), Greetings from this side of the wall. So far we have yet to feel the full rate of this Covid 19 virus. The worries are real. No free 15 minute phone call can change that I don't want to pick up the phone. No Skype visit can make me feel safe when I have to explain to my love ones why I am inside of a dogs kennel. 5 foot 7 inches I stand. 179 pounds I weigh. A crime I was convicted of, yet do I deserve the description of a animal? I and everybody who resides in north branch correctional institution have wondered if this is the end of the line. What is destiny in control of? Do I belong, or do I merly just co-exist with societies description of broken? It is common practice for education on issues such as this Covid-19 pandemic to be learned through word of mouth (grapevine) or from the television or radio. No one has educated those of us who're not able to have a radio, T.V. or Newspaper source. My property sits in the back of NBCI's segregation building. So I ask again, why must individuals who are without money to purchase these things and individuals like me on Disciplinary Segregation be forced to rely on the mental ill person next to us, or the same individual that swears the calendar has 375 days on it? This is not a Compliant. This is a chance to show the world why illumination is a must. This is not a Compliant. This is a war cry of consciousness to those who wade around in darkness. This is not a Compliant. This is a 29 year old who has realized at this point he will only add to the recidivism rate because he has yet to recieve the proper mental health treatment that causes the night terrors and inemical behavior. Conversations are being had now. An awakening is taking place. Change is in the air and I am literally afraid that now will repeat then. Just recently I was told because I am ready to confront unjustice prison conditions this will make me a hero. I strongly had to disagree because credit is only supose to be given to things that are not autonomic. I do however recognize that one is elevated to a prisoner of consciousness when he will not only correct his behavior, yet those of officers and convicts alike. A status of political prisoner I am told was afforded to me on December.17.2015 at Western Correctional Institution located spitting distance from NBCI. So close that our mail rooms are shared. So close that they heard the shot gun that was fired in late September of 2016 as we were in the yards, dayrooms, and cells. So close that when I decided I couldn't allow my mental health, health issues or fear keep me from speaking up or out about a basic human rights violation by common senses standard. I wear an I.d. card around my neck with a SID# and DOC# on it. Along with weight, birth date, complexion. On the back my medical alerts are announced and my allergies. I am more than that I swear. Just ask me to identify myself and you'll look pass the 300 something tattoo's that I carry on my body. Allow my id to tell you that I got them to cover up old cut marks I made as a juvenile and gunshot and stab wounds as a adult. Thank you APWA family for allowing me to identify myself. Revolutionary Embrace Christopher Reginald Cox. Jr. C/O: NBCI Date: May.14.2020

Author: X, Chris

Author Location: Maryland

Date: May 14, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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