Grievance [1]

Garner, Curtis



Curtis Garner Pennsylvania Grievance Of what purpose is a grievance policy where all concerns are summarily dismissed in favor of facility administration? The same persons who implement policy, sit in judgment of prisoners opposition to said policy. This is akin to taking your wife to court, and finding you mother in law is the judge. Any legitimate, effective procedure in which prisoners may hope to obtain judicial re-dress must be framed in this validity of impartiality; for all persons concerned, a process other than that which is "not an official policy, for informational purposes only", is essential to the [illegible] interest. Decisions by administration here are the greatest proof of [illegible] of impartiality, and that a new process is needed to actually address the concerns of prisoners and staff members within these walls. -Curtis Garner Semper Fidelis Transcribed: 2017-04-30

Author: Garner, Curtis

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: February 7, 2015

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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