Grievance [2]

Garner, Curtis



Grievance 2-13-15 Friday Due to the continued practice of "triple celling" within this facility, in combination with erratic linen/towel exchanges, uniform exchanges, and the lack of a regular scheduled cell cleaning procedure; in addition to sporadic access to showers for kitchen workers, MRSA, and inadequate number of staff for supervision of inmates; a hazardous condition has evolved here that inevitably precedes a tragic event. The "tour"s implemented by administration are insufficient to insure health and safety issues for this increased number of inmates. Escalating incidences of violence are testament to these conditions as these "pods" were not designed to hold this number of people. Lack of staff to properly supervise under these conditions has inmates using showers as urinals because staff members are overwhelmed attending to increased duties rather than performing consistent safety tours. The remedy apparently arrived at by administration is increased lock-in time for inmates, which only exacerbates the hazardous conditions of health and safety that are gestating towards a catastrophic event. Logistical ineptitude or deliberate indifference on the part of this administration should not cost men their lives; although it has, is, and probably will. All inmates of this facility should seek a temporary restraining order/prohibitory injunction and declaratory judgement from the courts for relief from these conditions. The administration here will expend large amounts of man-hours organizing and implementing a "shakedown"; stripping men who are awaiting trial naked in front of strangers but will not expend a fraction of that to furnish these men with clean sheets, towels, and uniforms. The motives here are transparent: health, safety, and civil rights take a back seat to the number of people that can be packed in here at any given time. What's being overlooked by this administration is that if an epidemic runs through this place, staff gets effected too. -Curtis Garner -semper fidelis- "He who leads into captivity shall go into captivity, he who kills with the sword must be killed with the sword." -Revelations 13:10 References 1) Carver v. Knox County, Tenn., 753 F. Supp.1370, 1389 (E.D. Tenn 1989)("the failure to regularly provide prisoners with clean bedding, towels, clothing and sanitary mattresses "is unconstitutional). 2) Hickson v. Kellison, 170 W.Va 732, 796 S.E. 2nd 855, 858 (W.VA 1982) clean bedding required. 3) Ramos v. Lamm, 639 F. 2d 569-70 (10th cir 1980) (citing "lack of routine maintenance and cleaning programs" and inadequate cleaning supplies for inmates to clean their own cells in finding constitutional violation.

Author: Garner, Curtis

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: February 13, 2015

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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