Hands on evidence Orange County Jail

Wilder, George Eagle Eyes, Sr.



Sent 10/02/2018 To APWA Hamilton College: (California) Hands on evidence Orange County Jail, in Southern California, city of Santa Ana, CA, I was victimized several times in 2010 arrested for weed that I dont smoke, as a way of leverage to keep me detained, placed in jail no bail I knew, but the report stated $20,000. Prosecutors Dan Wagner lied before the court declaring a frivolous statement declaring I was resident to a mental hospital 700 miles northeast in California from where I actually was detained. This county sheriff's dept. and prosecutors enjoys to hide the truth from the public. 2012 I had an grand mall seizure because a deputy cursed at me putting me into a convulsion falling backwards into a steel table with a blunt sharp edge the law let me bleed 1-1/2 hours when they knew I fell and bleeding; I took 20 stitches long 4 deep. Then I fell again in 2015 but worse than first fall I got whiplash 30 staples from nose back to top skull, I lay faced down as I couldn't feel my legs and hands I fell (04-04-15) at 8:30 pm and fire dept and nurses came to help me 2 hours later, when I was less than 40' from the deputy's office, and I was being watched by a new remote control zoom lens camera. Several inmates called on wall intercom say Im bleeding. Then (09-27-2017) the deputies allow Mexican mafia killers to enter my secured housing and I was greenlighted the ACLU called it. Im a veteran Marine capt. of Beirut Lebonnon, and being jumped 2 Mexicans and I heard the deputies were laughing on inhouse intercom. The deputies pushes drama under the gates. I have witnessed on several times a deputy intimidating senior citizens + handicapped + mentally ill -- beating downs consistant 35 deputies ran charging threw all (5) doors to stomp the hell and beat down one inmate leaving the inmate bleeding and shackled + chained as he bleeds. According to the news papers (I have actual clippings of (slander,) and (public corruption) even (rape) to staff + now the police too. I actually witnessed Deputy Coleman Deputy Paine Deputy Santo mess with a mental illminded homeless man beat him so bad all 3 pulled him out of IRC–(J-5-3#) smash his head to the concrete floor busting his head. Several others came in with shackles + chains the law started the B.S. he tried to defend himself, its like you must let them abuse you beat you up + don't fight back program. Prosecutor dont do nothing to help inmates, Tony Rackauckas Chief D/A prosecutor is under FBI investigation for destroying evidence with the Orange County Sheriff, plus using jail house informants testimonies, but deputies coach the informants and pay the (C.V.) with commissary. (Illinois) Im a victim of wrongful conviction, based solely upon another mans criminal back ground. Look on net for name searches first + last prosecutors assumed I was 35 others yet Im still incarcerated for the false conviction in southern Illinois without any evidence! Based solely upon first, + last names and a master FBI print, witch got me in this drama now, because prosecutors removed the mugshot + kept the name. FBI sent me a letter to show the FBI# was arrested in 2002, but I was in prison in 2001 until 2003, impossible to be getting arrested in 2002.

Author: Wilder, George Eagle Eyes, Sr.

Author Location: California

Date: October 2, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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