Harsh sentencing judges responsible for $80 billion to struggling taxpayer wallets during Covid-19

Azreal, David



H.A.R.L.E.M. Whistle Blower Report Harsh Sentencing Judges Responsible For $80 Billion to Struggling Taxpayer Wallets During Covid-19 Date: 5-16-20 Can you imagine how appalled you would be if your significant other said they were taking your credit card and going on a frivolous spending spree during Covid-19 when funds are vital? But that is exactly what federal prisons are doing to taxpayers to the sound of $80 billion. Harsh sentencing judges like Hon. Susan Nelson of the Minnesota Fed. Court have caused a 500% increase in senior population in "struggling tax payer money" paid to prison profiteering enterprises during a pandemic. Now we have a pandemic possibly getting into severely overcrowded prisons. We have overcrowded prisons not because there are a lot of bad people in America, but because we have "outdated and broken" sentencing guidelines, and prosecutors that exploit these like video game "high scoring" with human lives. When judges don't care about the human lives affected by excessively harsh sentencing that puts people in prison for decades, it not only destroys lives but also cost our country vital funds during Covid. H.A.R.L.E.M. Whistle Blower Report Holding Accountable all Harsh sentencing judges like Susan Nelson of Minnesota Fed. Court have caused a 500% increase in the senior population as inmates that would have had a light sentence in state courts must age in Federal Prison for decades on Fed. charges while struggling taxpayers foot the bill. Now, in the mids of Covid-19, senior prisoners are "sitting ducks" in a grossly overcrowded and disease ridden prison system that a Minnesota judge has now said is "not shielding inmates from the virus." See Star Tribute May 1, 2020 "Not Shielding." Prisons do not care about protecting inmates from disease. They are money generating Ponzi schemes. Prisons are not designed to protect inmates from disease and sickness. They are designed to generate as much taxpayer money as possible. Each inmate earns the prison $107.00 a day in housing fees, and by overpopulating the prison can earn prisons like FCI Sandstone of MN over $3 million a month in taxpayer fees. Then prisons will continue to make money off the inmates family which sends money that is spent on phone time service, which service will give H.A.R.L.E.M. Whistle Blower Report Holding Accountable all Regions of Law Enforcement Misconduct the prison a "commission check" in the sum of millions to that prison each year. Store items and hobby craft items also charge inmates willing to buy a 30% mark up. Families that come to visit will spend money on the visit room vending machines stocked and priced by the prison, netting thousands of dollars each weekend. Prisons do not care about protecting inmates, from disease. Prisons are money generating Ponzi schemes designed to use people as a human commodity for profit and slave labor, and they "rely on harsh sentencing to do this," hoping taxpayers stay ignorant to having to pay for it all. This whistleblower report is a cry for exposure of what the prisons true agenda is and the corruption of the Federal Court that fuels that problem. -[redacted] AKA David Azreal

Author: Azreal, David

Author Location: Minnesota

Date: May 16, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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