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Hooker, Darrell



Feb. 10, 2020 Hello again its been a while, so I'll tell of my latest thoughts. I recently wrote two U.S. Supreme Court Justices, Justice Kavanaugh, and Justice Ginsberg about the need for a Drastic Change, and that change is the Circumstantial Evidence and Hearsay Rule of Law. Why you ask, hmmm, well in the State of Michigan about 70% of all convictions are nothing but Circumstantial and Hearsay Evidence cases, and in my opinion, its outdated and totally unconstitutional, its being totally abused as the British judges of the past determined it would be, and with today's technology there is nothing that can not be analysised. If you think about it they just recently solved a serial rapist and killer case from DNA profiles. Technology can now # take a carpet fiber from 30 years ago and identify the manufacturer, location, and year it was made.... So really is Circumstantial and Hearsay really needed?? Well I guess if people continue to elect individuals into office and allow them to not do their jobs to the fullest extent that they were elected in to do... Prosecutors are elected officials and have an obligation to investigate, Interview, and to find all possibilities of Guilt and innocence, but with Circumstantial Evidence, they only have to speculate, think, or have a non eye witness say you committed a crime and your Guilty till proven innocent which I'm positive its suppose to be innocent til proven Guilty.... Oh and trying to prove your innocence is almost impossible, because any victim is deemed to be totally absolutely credible, and a defendant has no right to put before the court or jury information or testimony that is against the Prosecution here in Michigan... I have 2 witnesses that could be able to prove that the victim lied just to get me out of the way so she could be back with her mother, and the Courts thus far are refusing to allow contradictory testimony against the key prosecution witness. So yeah Circumstantial and Hearsay Evidence is technically unconstitutional... It needs to be deemed as such... The clerks of U.S. Supreme Court said unless there is a lawsuit or state case brought there is nothing they can do... Sincerely, Darrell Hooker

Author: Hooker, Darrell

Author Location: Michigan

Date: February 10, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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